No negotiated outcome: In emergency scenario, Government prepared to house...

The Government has plans to house a number of key workers from essential services, if there is no treaty agreed on Gibraltar’s departure from the European Union.

It has also advised businesses that employ many cross-border workers to consult with staff about commutes, suggesting staggered shifts or flexible hours.

This is in anticipation of long border delays expected with the scanning and stamping of passports, if there is no deal reached.

The comments are made in a technical notice, issuing guidance for businesses and public services with preparing for a no negotiated outcome (NNO) on the Rock’s withdrawal from the European Union.

The Government says it has a detailed traffic management plan in place to potentially improve border infrastructure if there is no deal.

However, it warns that such delays are expected to disrupt businesses that employ many cross border workers or if their business relies on visitors to the Rock.

On the issue of movement of goods, Government highlights we are currently operating in a no negotiated outcome scenario. This has resulted in longer processes when importing animal origin products and the requirement for clearance at the Algeciras Border Control Post.

The ferry service to Algeciras is now privately funded by the companies using it.

Road haulage would remain similar to at present. Government asks businesses to make arrangements for EU operations to be carried out by the appropriate operators.

Waste exportation shouldn’t be affected if there is no deal but Government says it’s exploring options, just in case.

It says flights to the UK and Morocco will not be affected.

Gibraltar will have continued access to the UK financial market.