NJ CCongressman Demands to Know What is Happening Along NJ/NY Beaches as More Whales Wash Ashore

NJ Congressman Demands to Know What is Happening Along NJ/NY Beaches as More Whales Wash Ashore

By Margaret Flavin
Published January 14, 2023

Grim pictures of beached whales have emerged from the New York and New Jersey coastlines. In the last two months, seven dead whales have washed ashore and residents are concerned.

New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew (R-N.J.) is demanding an investigation to determine if offshore wind projects are at fault.

Following an unprecedented number of whales washing ashore in the New Jersey/New York area over the past month, I demand that all offshore wind activity end in New Jersey until it is properly determined what the effects of these activities are having on our marine life. pic.twitter.com/FNjJGBtSqQ

— Congressman Jeff Van Drew (@Congressman_JVD) January 13, 2023

Fox News reports:

Van Drew, who sits on a House maritime transportation subcommittee, called for the cessation of “all offshore wind activity” until an investigation is conducted to determine whether such projects could be to blame for the excess whale deaths.
“Since offshore wind projects were being proposed by Governor Murphy to be built off the coast of New Jersey, I have been adamantly opposed to any activity moving forward until research disclosed the impacts these projects would have on our environment and the impacts on the fishing industry,” Van Drew said in a press release Friday.

“Ocean life is being put at risk as our Governor and President force through their Green New Deal policies, without giving full consideration to their real-world impacts,” the Republican lawmaker continued. “We have seen a complete lack of transparency from New Jersey’s leaders, as well as D.C. politicians who are ramming through these projects in order to push their climate agenda.”

“Once committees for the 118th Congress are finalized, I will be calling for congressional investigations into the matter,” he added. “I demand that all offshore wind activity be halted until it is properly determined what the effects of these activities are having on our marine life.”

Van Drew’s call for an investigation came after the most recent dead whale sighting occurred on a Jersey Shore beach. The humpback whale was the seventh dead whale discovered on a New Jersey beach in less than two months. Another humpback whale was discovered on a beach in Atlantic City, New Jersey, last month.

Environmental activists demand investigation into whale deaths at the Jersey...

The Whales and Dolphins Killed by US Sonar 2003

Nice one thanks.
Congressman Ed shock, "Everything the Military does is a great concern to me because I represent more military than any other memeber of the United States Congress.

Sadly, He said "deployment of the sonar system is a necessary risk."

He serves on the Arms Services Committee in Us Congress.

We've Geoengineered The World Into A Death Spiral: 'All Data Indicates We're Already Beginning To See The Effects Of The Accelerating Systems Collapse Much Sooner Than Predicted'

In what is being called 'bad news on top of bad news,' more and more dead whales keep washing up on the shores of New Jersey, with a 7th dead whale washing up on Friday the 13th after Jersey Shore residents had reported a 'sustained, loud rumbling' Friday afternoon off of the coastline, and as we'll explore within this story, in a case of what is being called 'very odd bedfellows,' left-wing environmental groups are joining up with Republican politicians in calling for a pause to the building of offshore wind farms that many among both groups believe are responsible.

And while Democrat New Jersey governor Phil Murphy told reporters over the weekend that he doesn't believe the undersea preparation for those wind farms should stop in response to the spate of recent deaths, as Dane Wigington warned in this recent story over at his Geoengineering Watch website as also heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story, those heartbreaking whale deaths are happening at the same time as the California "rainpocalypse," Europe going through it's warmest winter temperatures in recorded history while temperatures in locations in Siberia plummeted to 80 degrees below zero.

With Dane also warning us that ocean oxygen levels are dropping fast, fisheries are plummeting and animal populations are collapsing, he warns that if we stay on the current path we're on, we're headed towards 'total collapse.' And while the radical left will scream out 'global warming,' as Dane has been warning us for years and years on his website, this is really about the 'geoengineering of the weather.'

And it sure looks like the state of California is under 'weather warfare' right now with one atmospheric river after another rolling into the state since December 26th, and the state putting 25 million people on flood alert and no end in sight to the catastrophic rainfall levels that have left at least 19 dead and thousands without power and underwater, yet as Dane warns us, the 'masses' are clueless as to what's causing this and what's ahead.

So while the construction of those offshore wind farms as being a culprit in these alarming whale deaths is being looked at by the left and by the right, and the people of the left and right working together towards accomplishing something is great to see, as long as 'man keeps attempting to play God' with the weather via 'strategic aerosol injections' and all of their other 'weather modification techniques,' things will continue to get worse before they get better.

And as we hear in the 2nd video below from the state of Florida, a beached 21-foot killer whale was also found dead this week after washing up on a Florida beach, with the female Orca showing signs of illness. And while a communications specialist for NOAA Fisheries says they are waiting for lab work to come back with the official cause of death, as this Fox 35 Orlando story warned, this is a very rare occasion for Florida and the Southeast United States in general. From that story.

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office posted heartbreaking video and photos of the orca after it was found beached on the shore south of Jungle Hut Park in Palm Coast.

"This is extremely rare," said Blair Mase with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). "We've never had a record of a stranded killer whale in Florida or the Southeast United States."

According to SeaWorld, while killer whales can be found around the world, they are much more common in highly productive areas of cold-water upwelling including the Pacific Northwest, along northern Norway's coast in the Atlantic, and the higher latitudes of the Southern Ocean. In addition to being found in colder water, killer whales also have been seen in warm water areas such as Florida.

Dr. Erin Fougeres, NOAA Stranding Program Administrator, spoke to FOX 35 and said there are several factors that can make orcas sick, including contaminants and prey shortages.

"But for this particular individual there's also natural diseases and things like that, and that's really what we're trying to get out of the necropsy."

So while the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, recently claimed that none of the dead whales found in New Jersey could be linked to the development of wind farms after questions were raised following the beaching Thursday of a 20- to 25-foot-long humpback whale which washed ashore just north of Atlantic City, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center said it and several other groups were formulating plans Friday for a post-mortem examination of the whale’s remains before the animal’s carcass is disposed of, most likely through burial on the beach. From this AP story.

“We should suspend all work related to offshore wind development until we can determine the cause of death of these whales, some of which are endangered,” said New Jersey state Sen. Vince Polistina, a Republican who represents the area.

“The work related to offshore wind projects is the primary difference in our waters, and it’s hard to believe that the death of (seven) whales on our beaches is just a coincidence.”

But as that story also reported, NJ governor Murphy doesn't think pausing offshore wind prep is necessary. With Murphy quoting NOAA when given his reasons why, Murphy claimed.:

“This is tragic, obviously,” (but) "They have said it’s been happening at an increased rate since 2016, and that was long before there was any offshore wind activity,” the governor said.

Yet while they weren't building those offshore wind farms back then, as Wigington has warned over and over again, all of this 'geoengineering of the weather' has been going on for years and years and years, and well before the development of these wind farms started, with Wigington even documenting on his website over 100 years worth of 'weather modification patents,' proving to us just how real the geoengineering of the weather is in 2023, no matter how much they try to call it a 'conspiracy theory.'

So while we at ANP are unable to confirm at this time that weather modification programs or wind farm development are responsible for these whale deaths, we see in this Zero Hedge story that for once, the left and the right are working together in an attempt to find out what's behind the alarming surge.

In a case of odd bedfellows, environmental groups and Republican politicians are calling for a pause in offshore wind farm development following a string of whales washing up dead on New Jersey and New York beaches.

Seven whales have turned up dead in little over a month. The latest victim, a 20- to 25-foot juvenile Humpback whale, turned up in Brigantine, New Jersey on Thursday afternoon, close to a Coast Guard station.

"The wave of dead whales is the ocean sounding the alarm, and we must heed the warning,” said Cindy Zipf, executive director of Jersey-based Clean Ocean Action, after the sixth whale washed up in Atlantic City on Jan. 7 with signs of head trauma. "[The wind farm development] is too much, too fast. It's outrageous and our ocean deserves better."

On Friday, Congressman Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) announced he would seek a federal investigation. "Ocean life is being put at risk as our governor and president force through their Green New Deal policies, without giving full consideration to their real-world impacts.

Drew sits on the House Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee. New Jersey Republican state Senator Vince Polistina called for a pause in the offshore construction:

"The work related to offshore wind projects is the primary difference in our waters, and it’s hard to believe that the death of (seven) whales on our beaches is just a coincidence."

For others officials, though, it's damn the whales, full speed ahead. Democratic New Jersey governor Phil Murphy, on Friday said that, while "this is tragic, obviously," suspicions that tie the dead whales to the wind farm development were "unfounded and premature."

New Jersey has been on a quest to distinguish itself as the top offshore-wind state on the east coast. The Garden State has already approved three offshore wind farms and is soliciting more requests.

So with the 'establishment left' making a habit of ignoring 'coincidences' in 2023, ignoring the principal of causation and how one event, process, state, or object contributes to the production of another event, process, state, or object where the cause is partly responsible for the effect, and the effect is partly dependent on the cause, with all of these alarming 'sudden deaths' happening among the recently vaxxed another perfect example of that 'denial of reality,' as Dane Wigington warns us in this 1st video, according to a just published report, all data indicates the world is headed towards a massive critical systems collapse much sooner than had previously been predicted, a collapse which is now expected to take place between the years 2025 and 2030.

Warning us then that while that sounds bad, the reality we'll face will likely be much worse and happen much sooner, Wigington warns us this is what we get for this past century of man attempting to play God with the weather, and the more of these deaths we see in the coming year, the further along we'll be in that process though, like with all of these deaths following the rollout of the vaxxes, we can't expect the Biden cabal and their friends up in New Jersey to see the noses upon their rotting faces.

Videos in the above link:

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News January 14 2023 388 Dane Wigington

Killer whale washes ashore on Florida beach

December 2022 End Time Last Day Prophecy Events and Signs

Sadly, thousands of whales and dolphins and porpoises die on shores across the globe every year, some through natural causes, some undoubtedly because of human activity. With your support WDC is at the forefront of looking at why whales and dolphins strand; of rescue efforts in some parts of the world and in helping reduce activities that cause whales and dolphin to strand.

This is important because, whilst stranding is a massive problem, there is no doubt that many of these deaths can be avoided.

Whales and dolphins are helpless on land and will die within a few hours or days if not properly looked after. In some parts of the world, including Europe, whales and dolphins that strand are usually on their own. The majority are old, sick or wounded. But in other places, for example New Zealand, they can come ashore in groups where the majority are perfectly fit.

A recent report highlighted the increase in whale and dolphin strandings in the UK.

There are a few ‘types’ of stranding with different possible causes.

Why do whales and dolphins strand?

Military exercises planned by the Russian navy 150 miles off the south-west coast of Ireland next month raise the very real prospect of whales and dolphins washing up dead on Irish beaches, if active sonar are involved.

This part of the ocean is known to be important for marine mammals, and particularly for vulnerable beaked whales, and any military activity involving powerful underwater sonar and explosions could result in many whales and dolphins stranding on the shoreline.

Noise pollution threatens whale and dolphin populations, interrupting their normal behaviour, driving them away from areas important to their survival, and at worst injuring or sometimes even causing their deaths. For whales and dolphins, ‘listening’ is as important as ‘seeing’ is for humans – they hunt, navigate, communicate using sound.

The world's largest beaked whale mass stranding occurred on the Irish and Scottish coasts in 2018, consisting of more than 100 Cuvier's beaked whales, concurrent with military exercising, and this alone may have been enough to have population-level impacts on local beaked whale populations. Militaries should not be exercising in important marine habitats.

In 2013, a scientific analysis of the UK’s largest common dolphin stranding off the coast of Cornwall stated that the most probable cause of the event were naval exercises in the area at the time.

The threat of this exercise going ahead is a reminder of the normally invisible destruction being wreaked on the ocean by irresponsible navies, who are not demonstrating the appropriate level of Duty of Care that is required*.*. In addition to their intrinsic right to being, the tragedy for humanity is that it is these very whales, and the marine ecosystems they enrich, that need to thrive if we have any hope of surviving the unfolding climate and ecological emergency.

The exercise, which could take place in early February, are far from Russia's operating bases and normal training areas, and suggest the area has been chosen for political or strategic reasons. The Republic of Ireland's defence minister, Simon Coveney, has said the Russian naval exercise was ‘not welcome’, but the country had no power to stop it.

/Russian naval exercises off Irish coast threaten whales and dolphins

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The ONLY way to effectively put a stop to all this death and destruction of the whole planet, is to reinstate, meaning live by, and enforce God's Law as Christ said He came to do. Matthew:17-20.

Report a stranding

What to do if you find a stranded whale or dolphins?

WDC staff attend and help with many live strandings, and lots of ‘dead’ ones too. Our experts are often involved in the post-mortem examination. It’s a grisly task, but we do it, because it gives us information: Information we use to get conservation measures put in place.

A live whale or dolphin beached on the shore is almost always in danger of death. If you find a stranded whale or dolphin, whether alive or dead, please report it as soon as possible.

If you find a LIVE stranded or injured whale, dolphin or porpoise on the beach or in the shallows, you must act quickly. The appropriate emergency numbers to call in such an event and which can be used 24 hours a day are:


Why do whales and dolphins strand?

When all of the trees are cut down;

When all of the rivers and lakes are polluted;

When all of the fish have been caught from the sea;

Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.

Whales - part of the new "Blue Economy", "Smart Oceans" and the IoUT (Internet of underwater things).

With UWSNs [Underwater Sensors Networks], transmitting data utilizing 4G, 5G, and 6G, plus sonar technology, causes an abundance of radiation, disease, toxic blooms, and acidity that fill the oceans, an impact that is UNsustainable to the living.

It's been known for decades that sonar harms whales, causing deafness, navigation problems, bending, aggression, behavior changes, cell death, food source mortality, beaching and death. Conclusive studies from the NAVY, Industrial as well as private sectors have been recorded, and proven.

Add to that the 552 active Submarine cables that now line the oceans floor, with more and more added to keep up with the insatiable appetite of mankind. Of these cables, 1/5th (over 100) break per year, by accidents, shipping, pleasure, or fishing vessels, and of course, the more useful - sabotage. Why wait for an accident when you can cause outages and disruptions wherever and whenever you want, at the same time releasing deadly toxins into the oceans and atmosphere. In this time of war, that's how the game is played.

These cable lines have lasers, glass, and receptors, etc., with over 1.4 million kilometers blanketing the bottom of the ocean. The Asia, America line alone covers over 20,000 kilometers, and everyone's friends at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon are adding more of these cables to the floor of the ocean for surveillance and warfare.

SeaNet says these 5G cables are for monitoring climate change as well as:

Tracking pollution control

Ocean Exploration

Tectonic plate monitoring

Military communications and surveillance

Oil/gas exploration and production

Navigation and global trade

War Games

The Military are not the only ones who partake in the crimes being committed against the environment, and all that live in it, including the WHALES.

The banksters have turned their greedy hands to a new [scheme] - that which they call it, is exactly what it is. A scheme to suck the oceans dry of life, FOR PROFIT, whilst pretending to save it. T.H.E.Y. use their perpetual surveillance and warfare to fill the oceans with autonomous underwater vehicles, robots, submarines, cables, drones, torpedoes, bombs, 4G 5G, and 6G small cells, AI, and anti-torpedo systems...

Deep Sea mining for rare earth metals, renewable energy futures, and oil drilling pipelines feed the beast of War.

It’s the most destructive all-out arms race.

“This will be the end of the ocean, if the ocean dies, we die.” EMF Specialist

A WWF Living Planet Report found in less than 50 years the world lost 69% of mammals and fish.

A Global citizen report stated only 13% of the world's oceans have an intact marine ecosystem, and that was in 2018 – nothing has changed since then, only gotten worse.

See a great video on the banksters greed perpetuates this war structure we currently live in

The Nazi Banksters’ Crimes Ripple Effect - Full Documentary

Truly a race to Armageddon.

And they will use the whales to their advantage dead or alive. Both will give them profit in the carbon scheme. They would make more money supposedly from a thriving whale population, but to them it doesn’t matter because what they're doing is killing the oceans, the whales and everything else along with it. Who cares if a few beached whales “show” up somewhere, especially when those dead whales that are sunk to the bottom of the ocean, will give these “players” their much-needed carbon credits $$$. Dead whales that sink to the bottom will keep carbon captured at the bottom, for centuries according to some algorithm. ???

The news recently showed many beached whales off the NY, NJ coasts as well as the coast of Florida in Miami. What they didn’t share was the news in the weeks prior about the Russian submarines off the coasts of America, which were abruptly taken down, although the Russian sub near Miami remained. These submarines with their torpedo's and nuclear payloads are a detriment to the whale population. And the timing of it all? Everybody has to start marching to the tune of sustainability policies, and visually, several dead whales in the media could get the ball rolling for them. The war mongers will find anyone else to blame but themselves.

Sending acoustic waves, radio waves, lasers and magnetic conductors can give whales giant headaches.

Beached whale in New Jersey was apparently struck by a vessel | Fox News

Because the IMF dove into the ocean for profit with their "blue economy", they had to come up with a plan to enact the troubled ideas set forth - brought on by algorithms, drones, and some useful ______s. Fill in the blank. Their Phony Carbon Agenda.

They figured that if they could drop a few thousand tons of iron sulfide starting in the Southern Ocean they could sequester millions of tons of carbon. One of the problems they faced was that the iron sulfide was too expensive for them, so they added cheaper metals and chemicals to their witches' brew, creating an ill-fated diabolical waste of ocean life, and untold toxic diseases.

They, The IMF and friends, looked at the amount of carbon stored in whales, claiming whales today are storing less carbon, and that the whales can export carbon from the surface of the water to the deep sea. 33 tons of carbon were sequestered supposedly by the great whale in its lifespan, and their waste regulates our climate, adding that trees only gather 48 pounds of CO2 per year. They do love that #33 [those] whales $$$!

Whilst polluting the oceans with iron +++, they estimate that sinking a dead whale carcass would remove 70,000 tons of carbon yearly.

Restoring all whale's population would export an additional 160,000 tons of carbon per year, preserving 843 hectares of forest. If they could rebuild the “new blue whale” they could save 13,000 hectares of forest. [They would have to tell the boys burning down the forests to collect their carbon credits also - to knock it off though – we'll see how that goes.]

The claim is that the whale would nourish the phytoplankton through the addition of this toxic iron sulfate and other metals, which are collected and carried by the whale. These phytoplankton would suck up the carbon - And the whale's fecal matter would replenish the oceans living structures, which in turn would generate over ½ the atmospheric oxygen.

Hurray whale poop saves the day!!!


Iron fertilization of the ocean is as natural as whale poop and it can save the planet

[If they left well enough alone the oceans would regenerate, inclusive of nitrate enriched matter from the whales].

They have plotted this scenario using iron and other metals, mixed with chemicals, by aerosol spraying or [dumping] into the ocean by plane, {Geoengineering} ---YES those chem trails are real, or by boat – known as “Iron Enrichment Fertilization”- A means to reduce the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels – is to just pollute the oceans and then cross your fingers. When all goes wrong, which it will - blame the population, and charge them $$$ for it while your at it. A little benefit to the powers that shouldn’t be is that the spraying of the aerosols blocks the sun causing a global cooling. [In that case they’ll ban wood stoves, you don’t need to stay warm in frigid temperatures when they are trying to kill you off at an accelerated rate!]. The DA or Domoic Acid produced by these techniques, causes severe and massive toxic algae blooms... killing off the living support ecosystem is another nice benefit for them.

Controversial spraying method aims to curb global warming - CBS News

These whales then have to travel further and further to find food, causing great distress, beaching, and death. Not only that but the radiation from the submarines and the cables accelerates cell death.

Many of these so-called wind farms out in the depths of the deep blue seas, are to spread their fairy dust, [iron dust] to supply the world's oceans that are iron limited. And the IPCC [International Panel on Climate Change}, wants these carbon emissions reduced by 45% by 2050, Don’t think they won't soon charge you for the amount of carbon you release when you breathe. They speak of the increasing amounts of Sulphur in the atmosphere, and its devastating effects on respiratory systems, and on plants and animals.

WELL THEN --- STOP spraying the iron sulfide into the atmosphere, and the oceans!!! Not only that, the production of iron is energy intensive, so produces more CO2 then it removes.
Ocean Terrain and the Engineering Challenges for Offshore Wind Farms - Eos

**Even the “experts” say your iron fertilization will have unforeseen consequences on marine and ecosystems. **

Their rebuilding the whale scheme for carbon sustainability would include:

  • “Help people to adapt to climate change” {FEMA CAMP?]

  • US has to advance climate policies

  • US has to give $$$ to developing countries so they can further their goals

  • Secure critical ocean habitat for whales

  • Achieve zero bycatch

  • Establish UN goals??

  • No ships in critical whale habitats


The IMF Bank

Yet they will claim it’s you and the carbon you exhale that’s creating the environmental catastrophes. It certainly couldn’t have anything to do with the iron and metal particulates they are geoengineering from planes and boats to blanket the ocean.

Steven J. Davis - Earth System Scientist

So, THEIR scheme to "protect" the environment, and "us" all from the big bad climate changes THEY are creating with geoengineering of these oceans - [iron fertilization] - to save the whales and oceans, are actually killing it.

See also:

In 2021 a subclause written by the UN - under The Law of the Sea allows countries to “pull” 2 year triggers if they feel negotiations are going slow to do something to save the seas.

YES UN it’s going too slow - 6000 years should have been enough time.

Ezekiel 13 (extract)
Because the "foolish prophets" (politicians) have seduced My people, saying peace; and there was NO peace and one built a wall (N.A.T.O. and U.N.O.) and others daubed it with untempered mortar (non-hardening / useless cement), say to them that it shall FALL.



Mans insane thinking he knows best is tragically killing everything on the planet including the ocean and mamals. God looks down on this insane mess and it makes Him very sad.

Genesis 6:5 And "I AM" saw that the wickedness of man [was] great in the earth, and [that] every imagination of the thoughts of his heart [was] only evil continually.

An expert explains what’s next for washed-up whale on Oregon Coast

Jan. 18, 2023

Officials needed to not only determine the sperm whale’s cause of death, but also what to do with the 40-foot carcass. Last Saturday, a nearly 40-foot sperm whale washed ashore in Oregon’s Fort Stevens State Park. After examining a large gash in the whale’s side, officials determined the animal died after being struck by a ship propeller.

James Powell is the Rescue and Response program manager for SR3 SeaLife Response, Rehabilitation, and Research, a nonprofit that supports organizations that respond to marine animal strandings in the Pacific Northwest. Powell helped determine the cause of death for the sperm whale and spoke with OPB’s “All Things Considered” host Crystal Ligori.

Related: Second dead whale found on northern Oregon Coast

Crystal Ligori: When animals wash ashore like this, who responds and what exactly do they do?

Powell: The United States is covered by a National Marine Mammal Stranding Network and there are different organizations throughout the country that cover different regions of the coastline. For this case, there’s an organization out of Portland State University that’s run by Dr. Deb Duffield called the Northern Oregon/Southern Washington Stranding Program and that’s their response region. And initially they have partners at Seaside Aquarium that will often get to the beach sooner to investigate the case and see what they’re working with and to secure the area. [They can] provide some on-the-ground information to the response team and then decisions are made on how to and when to safely respond to the case.

A team of people performs a necropsy on the carcass of a sperm whale on the northern Oregon Coast on a cloudy day.

A team performs a necropsy on the carcass of a sperm whale on the northern Oregon Coast on Monday, Jan. 16, 2023. The body washed ashore two days earlier and the necropsy will determine the whale's cause of death.

Courtesy NOAA Fisheries

Ligori: How did you all determine what killed this whale?

Powell: When the whale was on the beach, there was a really obvious large open gash down the side of its body. So we were investigating that and some other associated external signs of trauma to determine what might have caused the injury and if the injury occurred while the animal was still alive or if it happened after the animal had already died at sea. So our team arrived and set a pretty big perimeter [with] the vehicles that we had, with our equipment, and around the animal just so we had a safe space to work. The animal was stranded in a very easily accessible part of the beach — right in the state park by a large parking lot — so there was a crowd of probably 100 people rotating there throughout the day that had come out to see the animal.

Ligori: Is that unusual to have folks essentially watching you do your job?


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Powell: These animal [strandings] are kind of rare occurrences. I think the bigger the animal, the bigger the crowd it draws. There were people who reportedly came all the way from Portland just to see the animal. I think it’s a very rare and unique opportunity for the public to see these animals that are onshore and to firsthand appreciate their size and the things that we can learn from them.

Ligori: What else did the necropsy tell you about the whale?

Powell: Other than the cause of death, the other thing that we typically look for in this type of work is anything we can learn about the animals, especially when they become more rare and unique species. So we look for some life history samples to understand the development or age. And also the feeding ecology and nutritional status. We’re kind of looking for signs of underlying illness or other disease to see how healthy the animal was when it was still free swimming. Interestingly, the animal was pretty robust. It had a really thick blubber layer and we looked inside its stomach contents and there was quite a large number of squid beaks. So the animal had been feeding recently and actively when it was hit. So our finding showed the animal was not compromised [and] seemed otherwise healthy.

Ligori: How common is it for whale strandings to have a human cause like this one?

Powell: In Oregon and Washington, of the large whale strandings that we have, about 10% of those are human interaction. And then from those — and we have six large whale species off our coast — from those, about 20% of those are vessel collisions.

Ligori: Is it unusual for a sperm whale to still be off the Oregon coast at this time of year and not have already migrated south?

Powell: We don’t really know a lot about the migration behavior of sperm whales, especially compared to what we know about humpback whales and gray whales. Historically, Portland State’s response team has had six sperm whale [strandings] in their coverage area. And those have all been kind of from December 31st to early March, so this is the time of year historically when we’ve seen single sperm whale strandings on the Oregon coast. So I would say it’s uncommon. And then NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has reported a pretty remarkable shift in the squid population further north. In the last 2015 to 2020 timeframe, there’s been a marked increase in offshore squid. And so sperm whales are going to go where their primary food source is. So as that prey shifts, the whales will follow it, and so [the sperm whale] being there is probably not abnormal, we may just not know as much about that species as we do about humpback and gray whales.

A screenshot of the moment of detonation of the rotting sperm whale as capture by KATU on Nov. 12, 1970, in Florence, Ore.

A screenshot of the moment of detonation of the rotting sperm whale as capture by KATU on Nov. 12, 1970, in Florence, Ore.

Courtesy of KATU

Ligori: And now that you’ve determined the cause of death, what happens to the whale carcass? It’s hopefully not another exploding whale situation, right?

Powell: No, no, I don’t think the 1970 exploding whale is gonna repeat itself ever. The Oregon State Parks has jurisdiction over that and right now they’re gonna wait and see if the king tides can remove the carcass on its own naturally before they look at hiring someone to move or bury it. There was a sperm whale that washed up in almost the exact same spot at that state park in 2017 and a couple of tidal cycles pulled it offshore, which is part of the natural ecosystem. When large animals like that die, they’ll die and sink and contribute back to the natural cycle of things. So that’s hopefully what’s going to happen.

Ligori: Since this was something that was human-caused, are there things that we should be doing to prevent this?

Powell: One of the big limiting factors when it comes to sperm whales is that we just don’t know as much about them as we do other large whale species off our coast. You know when we know when and where large whale aggregations are, there can be communication between the biologists in the field through NOAA, they can communicate with the Coast Guard and send out the [information] to mariners and ships can slow down or avoid areas where there are whales. But as things shift and whales may be moving to follow prey, I think the limiting factor we have with sperm whales is we just don’t know as much about them as we do with the other species.

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Where is Greenpeace as whales continue to die?

Where is Greenpeace as whales continue to die?

China Sets New ‘World Record’! Fendouzhe Deep-Sea Vehicle Reaches Deepest Point Of The Diamantina Trench At Over 10,000 Meters

China’s “Fendouzhe” or “Striver” deep-sea manned submersible set history by operating for 10 hours straight at the deepest part of the Diamantina Trench in the southeastern Indian Ocean.

Following the completion of the operation, the vessel was recovered by the scientific research ship Tansuo-1 on January 22.

The fact that a submersible has successfully navigated to the trench’s deepest point for the first time in human history is vital for developing worldwide abyssal science. Furthermore, this has sped up the scientific study of the trench system, reported State-run Global Times.

China’s Fendouzhe manned submersible had completed 159 dives as of January 22. Of those, 25 were at depths greater than 10,000 meters.

The team of the abyss scientific expedition not only found numerous iron and manganese nodules at the bottom of the Diamantina Trench and created markers reading “Happy Year of the Rabbit” at a depth of 5,810 meters in the trench.

After making 22 dives in the area, the submersible will, as scheduled, return to Sanya city in early March 2023.

Deep Sea Resources

The submersible is outfitted with robotic arms for collecting biological samples and sonar “eyes” that use sound waves to locate surrounding objects.

Due to the weight of the equipment it carries, engineers created a bulbous forehead-shaped protrusion that contains buoyant materials to assist in keeping it balanced.

China has increased its attempts to seek deep marine resources to access historically untapped minerals.

When the organisms are brought to the surface, the abrupt shift in pressure, temperature, and chemical environment frequently cause physiological changes. As a result, a laboratory on the ocean floor enables a more accurate analysis of deep-sea species under harsh conditions.

President Xi Jinping encouraged the Chinese scientific community to make strides in four vital frontiers, one of which is the ocean, in a speech to China’s top engineers and scientists.

Since 2013, Xi has emphasized the importance of sea study when he delivered the famous phrase, “Care about the ocean, understand the ocean, and strategically manage the ocean.”

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saving lives, real Love....

Thrown To The Wind: The film that could Save an Entire Whale Species is now free to watch

By Rhoda Wilson on September 21, 2023 When Public released its first documentary, ‘Thrown To The Wind’, a month ago, Facebook censored any mention of it. At that time, it was only viewable by subscribers to Public. Now, Public has made the documentary available to be viewed by all, for free.

Thrown To The Wind reveals the reality behind the specious claims of an industry that has long billed itself as a boon to the natural environment. It exposes the price the world is actually paying for the industrialization of our oceans by offshore wind corporations: the killing of whales and the potential extinction of an entire cetacean species.

Thrown To The Wind

The wind industry says it isn’t killing whales, but it is. New boat traffic is colliding with whales. And high-decibel sonar is separating whale mothers from their calves, sending them into harm’s way.

Watch Thrown To The Wind below, which lays out the evidence, below.

Thrown To The Wind-The wind industry says it isn't killing whales, but it is. New boat traffic is colliding with whales. And high-decibel sonar is separating whale mothers from their calves, sending them into harm's way. Our new documentary, which lays out the evidence, is now free to watch.

The wind industry says it isn't killing whales, but it is. New boat traffic is colliding with whales. And high-decibel sonar is separating whale mothers from their calves, sending them into harm's way. Our new documentary, which lays out the evidence, is now free to watch.

Please see the video located at this link also.

The Film That Could Save an Entire Whale Species is Now Free to Watch

Sep 17, 2023

A month ago, Public released our first documentary, Thrown To The Wind, by journalist and filmmaker Jonah Markowitz. Thrown To The Wind reveals the reality behind the specious claims of an industry that has long billed itself as a boon to the natural environment. Our film exposes the price the world is actually paying for the industrialization of our oceans by offshore wind corporations: the killing of whales and the potential extinction of an entire cetacean species.

We founded Public to do precisely this kind of journalism: independent, uncompromising, evidence-based reporting that the mainstream media is too industry-captured and too ideologically blinkered to undertake. Those of you who are paying for Public make that possible. Without your support, we couldn’t do any of this.

Today, we’re releasing Thrown To The Wind widely, without the paywall. It’s imperative that this film reach as wide an audience as possible, to maximize its real-world impact. The survival of the North American Right Whale may depend on it.

While we want as many people as possible to watch our film, we owe a special thanks to those of you who pay for Public. Both filmmaking and investigative journalism are expensive. You’re what makes it possible. Thank you.

Whales die while offshore wind developer hides crucial “whale protection” information

By Rhoda Wilson on April 11, 2024

Last week, a female right whale died 50 miles off the Virginia coast, this marks the fourth documented North Atlantic right whale death in US waters this year. Researchers say there are as few as 350 right whales left in the North Atlantic, with only 70 of those animals being females capable of weaning a calf.

According to a coalition of three conservative groups – CFACT, the Heartland Institute and the National Legal and Policy Centre – this makes the halting of the Virginia Offshore Wind project a matter of urgency.

Last month, the three groups filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration to stop what they say would be the largest wind energy project in the world.

The Virginia Offshore Wind project could cause significant harm to the North Atlantic right whale, according to the complaint in the US District Court for the District of Columbia. The lawsuit aims to cause Dominion Energy to halt construction on the project until the ocean management agency develops a new “biological opinion” that covers verifiable protection against potential harm to the North Atlantic right whale.

Read more: Whale of a lawsuit threatens to swallow up Biden green energy agenda, Fox News, 27 March 2024