New Zealand - Intrepid Lawyer Sue Grey Wins One Against the Empire

When a globalist mafia cartel — or a garden-variety tyranny — wish to silence dissent, they like to make ‘examples’ of those who resist. Here in New Zealand, under the sway of Jacinda Ardern’s ‘single source of truth’, a few doctors who three years ago raised their voices against the government’s woefully destructive covid measures — measures that included severe lockdowns, ineffectual masking, anti-social distancing, and the vehement suppression of early treatment, so that the one-size-fits-all death jab could be introduced as our salvation — found that their practising certificates were suspended by the FSMB-directed Medical Council of New Zealand. I was unfortunately one of these, as I discovered when I went to renew my certificate in November 2021.

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If dawn is breaking in Virginia & New Zealand, it must be (slowly)...

Lawyer Sue Grey's Covid-19 vaccine comments did not amount to misconduct - tribunal

August 4, 2023

Anti-vax lawyer Sue Grey's comments about Covid-19 vaccines did not amount to misconduct because they were made as a private citizen, a tribunal has found.

After complaints were made against Grey's public comments and campaigning against Covid-19 vaccines, the Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal investigated if it amounted to misconduct.

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