New Zealand - Good-bye Mr. Jacinda Ardern


New Zealand: The horse has bolted – Irish Savant WP - That galloping sound you hear receding into the distance is the horse-faced Prime Monster of New Zealand heading for pastures new. So hose out the stables and lay down fresh hay because she (he) has left a hell of a mess behind her (him). A heap of dung in fact. Her (his) dictatorial WEF/WHO lockdown regime has left the country with a massive national debt, soaring inflation, sharply increased crime levels and its vital agriculture sector reeling from Jacinda (Jack) “we will continue to be your single source of truth” Ardern’s strictures whereby vaccine purebloods were shunned socially, denied mobility, prevented from earning a living in ways the NKVD would have relished.

Ardern is cut from the same WEF cloth as Blair, Trudeau/Castro (who is admittedly more ladylike) and Macron, skyrocketing almost overnight from obscurity to national leadership in their respective countries. Caligula appointed a horse to the Senate and the globalists appointed one to run NZ. And there’s something creepy about her, despite, or maybe because of her stated desire to save the world. As H.L. Mencken put it “the urge to save humanity is almost always a false face for the urge to rule over it.” She assures us, without evidence, that “I am human, politicians are human”. Well I want a source for that amazing claim, or even get the fact-checkers onto it. But what was behind her abrupt departure? (We can contemptuously dismiss the “more time with my herd” blather.) Judging by her press conference it seems certain that she was pushed, her demeanour demonstrated shock and bitterness. And in case you might be tempted to feel a smidgen of sympathy just remember her (his) smirking at reports of people being driven to suicide in response to her tyranny.

And what does she (he) do now? For sure she won’t be going to the glue factory or the knackers yard. The globalists tend to look after their nation-wreckers. Even though she claims to have “nothing left in the tank” I’ll bet she has enough to take a million dollar UN job fighting poverty or global warming, crisscrossing the globe in a carbon-spewing private jet.

One request: Wear one of your bloody masks and spare us having to look at you any more.

Worst Ever.

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No sadly not Jack Ardern, the other dude in the photo.....

New Zealand Greens MP Efeso Collins, 49, suddenly collapses and dies at charity event ChildFund Water Run in Auckland.

He let down the NZ Samoan Community by not standing up to the biggest and most obvious human rights breach in history.