New hotel will be built on site of Marina Bay Carpark

A new hotel will be built on the site of the Marina Bay Carpark.

The Development and Planning Commission granted the project full planning permission Thursday morning. The developer, Ocean Village says it is responding to the Government’s call that we need more hotel beds in Gibraltar.

And the College of Further Education will be built at no cost to the Government.

The project forms part of a wider development which could be built on part of the footprint occupied b the Cross of Sacrifice.

New hotel will be built on site of Marina Bay Carpark

It’s one of the last remaining open spaces in the area. For years it has housed a small car park which has serviced the marina and the supermarket.

Now, the small area will be developed by its owners. Ocean Village will be building a 12 storey hotel.

The Development and Planning Commission Thursday morning gave full planning permission to the project. The developer says it is responding to the call for more hotel beds locally.

The new hotel will have 150 guest bedrooms, a green roof, and swimming pool. These would be built at a podium level.

With the developer wanting to save the existing car park by incorporating it into the lower level. It would also continue to service the marina and the existing supermarket.

Opposers to the project included neighbours of the adjoining Tradewinds, but the developer said the distance between the buildings met all legal requirements.

Environment Minister John Cortes said he would have wished for this open space to have become a park, but that he understood the need for more hotel beds and at the end of the day, the land was privately owned.

The Minister also shared some of the concerns raised by objectors.

The hotel would add to the high volume of construction – with the two schools, the Stadium and the old Bland building all to be redeveloped in the coming months.

The Commission hoped that construction in the area could be coordinated to minimise disruption and impact to traffic .

The application for the new hotel has received full planning permission.