NATO surveillance operation in Mediterranean brings Aussies into fold

A new NATO partnership with the Australian air force enhanced allied surveillance this month over the Mediterranean Sea, where maritime patrol aircraft adept at anti-submarine warfare took flight, allies said.

An Australian P-8A Poseidon made a three-day journey from its base in a suburb of Adelaide to join up with the NATO mission out of Sigonella, Italy.

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Just like Russia and China (the kings of The East) are gathering countries for WW3; the Israelite countries are joining forces in the great divide. Australia represents the tribe of Issachar - the fifth son of Jacob-Israel - The Abrahamic Covenant

East vs West

East (Kings of The East and their allies) vs West (UK/USA & the other Israelite nations in their modern forms) - THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE and THE TWO WITNESSES

God is going to use The East to punish Israel - True Israel.