MUST WATCH: Another Funeral Director Blows Whistle – "I'm Seeing A Lot of Newborn Babies in Mortuaries"

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Wesley has been a funeral director for over three years. He not only talks about the spike in newborn and stillborn baby deaths, he also talks about the numbers in all age groups since the start of the plandemic. (8.5 minutes)

This video was done by Resistance GB on a few days ago, outside the 2021 Annual Sovereignty Lecture at King's College London. and featured on Gemma O'Doherty's site at link.

This video is also available on Odysee – ★ Funeral Director: I just see the dead babies in the fridges (full interview)


Sydney funeral home whistleblower exposes massive baby & children covid vaccination deaths and many others, all quickly cremated without funeral or service and death certificates issued reading “death unknown”. A statistical chart is shown of children diagnosis from Australian hospitals. Body cold room containers now needed to cater for the dead.

Found on – an Austrailian Truth News Site.


From Dr. Zelenko:

According to Israeli funeral directors the number of dead, especially younger people, has overwhelmed their capacity to give everyone a proper burial.

Israel has the most 4 booster vaccinated people

Israeli people are not dying from omicron. They are dying from vaccine induced AIDS.

The vaccine destroyed the immune systems of the Israeli people.

What the Nazi’s started the Israeli government is finishing.

Death by vaccine.

Israeli just awarded its highest prize, the Genesis Award, to Pfizer ceo Albert Bourla.

Vladimir Zev Zelenko MD – Telegram post