MUST SEE : The 5G Panopticon - Hyperspectral Imaging and the All-Seeing-Eye

An investigation in to hyperspectral imaging and the global surveillance system enabled by wireless technology and EMF frequencies in the '5G' spectrum. Exploring the repercussions of high-bandwidth frequencies broadcasting real time information to "The Internet of Things".


Researchers develop a high-power, portable terahertz laser
Researchers at MIT and the University of Waterloo have developed a high-power, portable version of a device called a quantum cascade laser, which can generate terahertz radiation outside of a laboratory setting. The laser could potentially be used in applications such as pinpointing skin cancer and detecting hidden explosives.
"With a high operating temperature, we can finally put this in a compact portable system and take this breakthrough technology out of the laboratory," Hu says. "This will enable portable terahertz imaging and spectral systems that will have an immediate impact on wide-ranging applications in medicine, biochemistry, security, and other areas."
"Not only can we see objects through optically opaque materials, but we can also identify the substances," Hu says.