More categories?

Suggestion: Technology

I'd post this to that:

I like this idea.

Maybe a brief description about what the video is about would be helpful.

Would it makes sense to combine it with 5G? Maybe Technology incl. 5G

I think the video he included was about how technology could be used for good.

So, maybe Technology as a lone category, because if you put it alongside 5G, it will be only for evil tech, correct?

Understood, just thinking about confusion with lots of categories. There are already potential overlaps.

And for example British Sovereignty could have posts about The Real Sovereign and the current fakes in it. Like every category could have pro and against posts?

The way that forums generally work is to have few categories with threads under each, and then with lots of discussion under each thread.

But the way it’s happening is the other way around - more threads than discussion under each thread.

If the categories are as broad as possible that would give people the opportunity to be creative in posting threads which would attract discussion.

Yes, this is about a seemingly useful, and not evil piece of tech.

I’ve been looking at things like this that allows people to communicate independently (meshnet) and securely and this seems fairly promising.