For about 15 years I've been looking into various alternatives to the internet.

Here's something I've been experimenting with recently. I believe thisMeshtastic. might be quite useful for a variety of use-cases and it seems to be growing quite fast now.

Basically it's if walkie-talkies and smartphone internet messaging had a baby and some peer to peer / mesh tech.

Meshtastic is a project that combines open-source software with off-the-shelf hardware to create a low-cost, long-range, and decentralized communication network. It's primarily used for sending text messages and GPS locations without the need for cellular service or internet access, making it ideal for outdoor activities, emergencies, or remote areas. The system operates over LoRa (Long Range) radio waves, allowing devices to communicate directly with each other over distances of several kilometers, depending on the environment. Users can connect their smartphones to a Meshtastic device via Bluetooth, enabling them to send and receive messages through a user-friendly app. The network is scalable and collaborative, as each device can act as a relay, extending the network's range and resilience.

It's not that hard stuff. Compare it to this very interesting thing which is a bit more complex:-

@MarkSteele Are these harmful, please?

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