Meet UK Globalist Mark Malloch-Brown

Mark Malloch-Brown is a Globalist – a high-powered handler for the New World Order directly under George Soros, but privy to Elizabeth. In fact, he just got promoted to head George Soros Open Society. Was this a reward for his involvement in the US Election Fraud, his advancement of the NWO in the UK and Europe? After all, Satan pays his agents well, usually with prestigious positions, awards, fellowships, knighthoods, stocks and money.

George Soros names Smartmatic’s Mark Malloch-Brown as President of Open Society

His background in Globalism is extensive – and well-known; but his involvement in US Elections might be under the radar.

Malloch-Brown and his cohorts (like Soros) would have a vested interest in a Trump loss. He has been a thorn in their side.

And his “involvement” in elections is worldwide