Meet The 50 Doctors, Scientists And Healthcare Entrepreneurs Who Became Pandemic Billionaires In 2020

This article gives the names of “billionaires” to emerge from the corona plandeic…

They neglected to name Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, Dr. Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates, The Clintons, including Chelsea Clinton, George Soros, etc., (calculations in the trillions could be a category for this group).

.A host of new billionaires who have emerged in 2020, their fortunes propelled by a stock market surge as investors flocked to companies involved in the development of vaccines, treatments, medical devices and everything in between.

The new moguls hail from 11 different countries, but the majority live in China, the early epicenter of Covid-19, which is now home to nearly three dozen new healthcare billionaires


These Billionaires think they own the world.


Bill Gates: I'm a Billionaire! You Must Do As I Say...

Actually, the world belongs to I AM. It is His Footstool (Isa. 66:1).

Acts 5:29 - Then Peter and the [other] Apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men.