Mediterranean News – The future of trade between Europe and Africa

The future of trade between Europe and Africa: The new scramble for Africa is on

The continent that’s been described as the last frontier seems to be on its way to deliver on its enormous promise. High economic growth rates, combined with the world’s youngest and fastest-growing population continues to fuel optimism amongst observers.
The increasing trend of political stability and cooperation within Africa is also a positive sign. With initiatives like the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) and Agenda 2063, a blueprint for socio-economic transformation, Africans are showing ambitions for the future.

However, just like Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (BRICS) in recent years, Africa will need strong strategic partnerships to make things happen. That’s where Europe comes in...

  • Europe is still comfortably Africa’s largest trading partner.

  • Their unique geographic and socio-economic position makes the North African states key to the future of collaboration with the EU. Nowhere is this more apparent than the three emerging Trans-Mediterranean Corridors emerging from Europe into Africa;

  • The West Africa-to-Western Europe corridor – This corridor is the one at its most advanced stage on the continent, owing to several factors.

  • The Tanger Med port is being expanded as part of a $7 billion plan to scale up and overhaul Morocco’s system of ports. Recent expansions to the Tanger Med have made it the largest port in the Mediterranean, surpassing the Spanish Algeciras and Valencia ports.

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It's all part of the global plan – Europe-Mediterranean-Africa Commerical Connectivity: Geopolitical Opportunities and Challenges

Africanews Exclusive: Bold action to reshape Africa-Europe relations

Africanews’ Ignatius Annor speaks to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, former President of Liberia and Nobel Laureate from the Liberian capital, Monrovia. Mary Robinson is first woman President of Ireland and Chair of the Elders. She’s based in Dublin.

The Africa-Europe Foundation is looking to take steps in advocating for bold ideas and actions to reshape Africa and Europe’s common future together.

Ignatius Annor: Leaders on the continent are shifting to a more progressive partnership with global powers. Will the Africa-Europe Foundation provide a win-win scenario?

{No, Africa is always given the short end of the stick. And it's always a win-lose scenario - but sold as beneficial for the African people.}

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: ... I’m glad that the Africa-Europe Foundation provides another opportunity to be able to stress the importance of fighting corruption.

{Lie meter on this one please. Hydras like these are usually set up to hide corruption - ie subgroups of the U.N. like the W.H.O.}

Mary Robinson: ... (at the forum that’s just taken place) we had very key leaders like Kristalina Georgieva, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), taking part in the whole health session because she knows, and has spoken openly about the importance for African countries of helping them to have the fiscal space for a recovery.

{Dealing with Banksters – Robinson is naive if she thinks there will be an equal partnership but most likely she knows the score. African countries "have helped" them by being guinea pigs to poisonous and dangerous jabs.}

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: There is an agriculture subgroup in the foundation that will, of course, be focusing on how we can, as the foundation can again grow more attention to this advocacy role.

{The global powers are the ones who cause food shortages in the first place!}

Ignatius Annor: The African Union and Africa CDC are concerned that vaccines donated to many African countries through COVAX are not recognized by EU travel certificate. You have an Africa-Europe Health Alliance on your agenda for the forum. Does this not undermine vaccine equality?

Mary Robinson: ‘’You know, our high level group, which Ellen and I are both on at the Africa Europe Foundation, shortly after the launch of the foundation, took the decision to make vaccine equity the subject of its first call to action. And the manifesto was co-signed by leading personalities across Africa and Europe. And is a basis for us, focusing on the political and policy action required. So if it is felt that the move to have this European passport, which still isn’t fully clear if it becomes in any way a barrier, the Africa Europe Foundation will be on the case.’’

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