Mathis - Wright Brothers? Or Wrong Brothers?

Dear @cybe - hope all well. It is quite overcast here today, so hard to see. There were some long trails I saw on 2 planes yesterday evening though.

Relating to planes - you may enjoy reading this opinion piece:

I've already read it before, partially as I've read large amounts of material on his site.

If you are interested and have the time, can we look at and analyze the following, the very beginning of the article together, please?

That gets us in because it is so ridiculous. Why would they ever take a picture like that, or choose to publish it as proof of anything? That is the glider they built before they added the engine. It doesn't look even remotely airworthy, does it, and notice that two of the wooden struts are broken.


For sure Dear @cybe ... i would really love to do that.
..we could take 'this boat'... on that 'island' over there. Alas i cant travel right now as on mission(s) elsewhere, i would also love to learn how to kayak.. captain... Please send me an email and let's have a chat (non GPT) soon on this specific paper and when you have some time to do so.


Understood...(ish)... I guess....something something similitude kayaking something something "boats" and "island"

This will just take a minute or two, perhaps someone else is interested in this insight:-

He's assertive, he says it is so ridiculous (that perhaps the reader who might look up to him thinks that if I believe that I'm also ridiculous).

He even says that it's so ridiculous that why on earth would they even take such a photo or publish it.

Not even remotely airworthy?

Two wooden struts are broken, would two broken struts result in catastrophic failure?

Well, let's zoom in on the plane and look at the wires.

The first word that first comes to me is:-

It might not be exactly the same thing but similar.

Here's a modern day recreation of this glider.

So I don't think Mathis is doing a very good job at the very beginning of the document even....



please kindly send me an email brother - keen to chat (non GPT) soon.

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Is that the dreaded 720 degree eyeroll, please?

not at all. and sorry for it too. trying my best too captain.