March on Holyrood – Saving Scotland 5 September

March on Holyrood – Saving Scotland 5 September at 1PM in Edinburgh

Here is their FB page:

Here is a promotion tweet:

Here are a couple of videos:

Cllr Paddy Hogg Says Why He will Join the March on Holyrood (3min):

Kirsty Smith will be there (4min):

Covered by The Sun:

The event is scheduled to take place at 12.30pm on Saturday with a march from the car park at the foot of Arthur's Seat to the parliament buildings.

Keynote speakers including Irish professor Dolores Cahil and Scots Dr Malcolm Kendrick are set to make speeches at the rally which will finish at 3pm.

Organisers say it is "time to stand up together" and fight "for the freedom to choose" by attending the Saving Scotland March on Holyrood rally.

A post promoting the event on the Saving Scotland Facebook page read: "Time to stand up together, and listen to real scientific evidence in regards to the health of the Scottish people.

"This evidence is being buried by MSM, Big pharma and more than a few politicians.

"Lockdown is causing more harm than the Virus. We stand for the freedom to choose.

It's more likely that concerned citizens marching aren't Anti-Tyranny.

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The Scotland Protest as well as those in London and Berlin are mentioned on this site:

Specifically for Scotland:

North of the border, there will be a ‘Saving Scotland’ March on Holyrood: meet-up near the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh at 1pm on Saturday September 5.

Say organisers: “Deliberate media-managed panic, fear and propaganda made the ‘virus’ seem like it could kill us all. It was a lie!

“End the illegal Coronavirus Act 2020 Tyranny. Scotland is being destroyed! Return our civil liberties”.

Another leaflet – Keynote speakers listed.

John Carroll in encouraging everyone to be at The March on Holyrood 5th September (4min):

Everyone should get involved and communicate with each other.

NEWS on the event is now coming in:

This is still an article about the plan, not the event.

One of the keynote speakers is Dr. Malcolm Kendrick.

A symptomless, or even mildly symptomatic positive swab is not a case. Never, in recorded history, has this been true. However, now we have an almost unquestioned acceptance that a positive swab represents a case of COVID. This is then parroted on all the news channels as if it were gospel.

Another MSM article in –

It's probably best to compare this with the concerned citizens who were there once their stories start being posted.

Daily Record's Article with the normal spin:

:slightly_smiling_face: Good to see the crowd though

Updated article now that event has occurred:

MSM with their same spin:

13 Photos of the event on Sputnick News:

Prof Richard Ennos and Paddy S Hogg among the speakers:

By the way: Piers Corbyn was arrested yesterday in Sheffield. He was scheduled to be in Glasgow Sept 6.

Some believe that Corbyn may have been arrested to keep him from the Glasgow event:

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Dolores Cahill's speech at Holyrood is up on [The Truth Seeker].

This YT video is featured:


Dr. Bruce Scott was suppose to speak at the Holyrood event, but it was stopped by the police before he spoke. In this video, he runs through what he was going to say – which is about how psychology is being used by the government to manipulate the people and keep them in a state of fear. (please forward the video to 3:07min)

His bitchute channel is Scott's Views

Also Paddy Hogg, who spoke (see his speech above) was also arrested:

Paddy Hogg needs to use [THE CHALLENGE DOCUMENT].

While this was probably a set up so that government officials could have the "last" word, Kevin Corbett, a former nurse, was interviewed today on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland (GMS) breakfast radio show.

He told GMS that governments across the world are misleading people and “demanding conformity”, claiming that information provided by Holyrood about the virus is “full of holes” and represents a “fake narrative”.

Welcome to “emergency powers”. This is what happens. Every time.


Robess Has Set Up A Group Called Anti - Corruption Scotland Task Force This Is Not Just A Group. It Can Be A Challenge To The Entity Know by The Name Of SNP And Others Give Anti - Corruption Scotland Task Force The Numbers Let Move Forward And Make Change.