Makow – Covidscam - The Personal Toll - Never Forget; Never Forgive

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on Henry Makow

The suffering inflicted by the COVID psy op has been under reported by the MSM (understandably.) This article by Michael Senger is the beginning of a reaction to the psychological rape we all have suffered at the hands of the globalists.

Michael Senger--"I recently sent out a query on Twitter as to how people had been affected by the response to COVID at an individual level. The conversation that emerged is an illuminating and haunting reflection of what each of us experienced over the past three years. Below is a tiny selection of the responses that I found especially powerful."

Nicky Frank: "April 22, 2020 and May 6, 2020. Those were the days my friends Ryan and Jen committed suicide because they couldn't bare the isolation anymore and people were telling them they're weak. Ryan's words "I can't infect anyone if I'm dead" still haunt me."

Makow - COVID is a hoax designed to frighten people into getting a toxic "vaccine." A pandemic with a death rate of less than .5% is not a pandemic. It is a pretext for a globalist (Communist) coup d'etat. Your government did this to you with the complicity of the medical profession, the mass media, education, churches and law enforcement. The whole exercise proves that most people will shoot their grandmothers if there is a monetary incentive. Ultimately the blame lies with the satanist (Masonic) Jewish central banking cartel (Rothschilds) which seeks to cull the herd and enslave the survivors. Our corrupt ancestors gave these miscreants our national credit cards.

The Political Became Very Personal
By Michael Senger

The scars that have been left on all of us by the response to COVID are incomprehensibly varied and deep. For most, there hasn't been enough time to mentally process the significance of the initial lockdowns, let alone the years-long slog of mandates, terror, propaganda, social stigmatization and censorship that followed. And this psychological trauma affects us in myriad ways that leave us wondering what it is about life that just feels so off versus how it felt in 2019.

For those who were following the real data, the statistics were always horrifying. Trillions of dollars rapidly transferred from the world's poorest to the richest. Hundreds of millions hungry. Countless years of educational attainment lost. An entire generation of children and adolescents robbed of some of their brightest years. A mental health crisis affecting more than a quarter of the population. Drug overdoses. Hospital abuse. Elder abuse. Domestic abuse. Millions of excess deaths among young people which couldn't be attributed to the virus.

But underneath these statistics lie billions of individual human stories, each unique in its details and perspectives. These individual stories and anecdotes are only just beginning to surface, and I believe that hearing them is a vital step in processing everything that we've experienced over the past three years.

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