Madrid plots to reassert control over Gibraltar after 'deterioration of Spanish culture'


Cervantes Institute director, Luis García Montero, stated his unease over how “Spanish is no longer taught in schools in Gibraltar and, to maintain the brotherhood with Spain, it is important to work on that.” In a speech to Spanish Congress on the Cervantes Institute budget, García Montero detailed that the Institute had accounted for potentially reopening the Gibraltar building.

The allocation within the budget for this possibility was €340,000.

The reopening would depend, however, on the “final decision” based on agreements between the EU and the UK.

García Montero said: "If the EU agreements are successful, it would be very appropriate to strengthen our presence there.”

He added: “Both sides would agree that reaffirming Spanish ties with Gibraltar responds to the same project of empathy with the Rock.”

The centre in Gibraltar was originally closed in 2015 by previous Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, due to the “poor performance of its purposes,” according to the government spokesperson at the time.

How it's reported by Spanish Olive Press:

It would be a good move for Spain to seriously consider the presence of the center on The Rock as soon as possible, said García Montero.

Isn't this how the CCP uses soft power to influence other cultures, using things like the Confucius Institute?

Christ said that Gibraltar should be speaking ENGLISH.

Gibraltar Messenger:

We have been telling you this for more than twenty years, but you obstinately ignore and reject Our advice, in favour of the sweet sounding lies and delusions from politicians and so-called priests, also exactly as prophesied in the Bible, and as the lady was shown symbolically in the vision.We have noticed that, also in defiance of Our advice, over the last twenty years, more and more Gibraltarians are speaking Spanish, in preference to English. What message does that send to Madrid? That they are winning! Like I said, what common-sense can you expect in a lunatic asylum? – You are a Slave - Evasion of God's Authority by the Courts and Crown

Another benefit, left by the British Empire, is that it made the English language into the most important, and most widely used language on Earth; in preparation for Christ’s/Prince Michael’s Second Coming; making it easier to spread the truth and enlighten a VERY dark world, through the universal use of the English language – TWHOFTF 11:78

Genesis Chapter 49 (the sceptre departs from Judah), and all that remains is for Christ to come from Joseph's seed (Ephraim's line - the English) and claim His Rightful place on God's Throne - Bethel - The Lia Fail - Stone of Destiny - which Christ did – On The Way to Emmaus Again

The British Coat-of-Arms is the Coat-of-Arms of the 12 tribed Kingdom of Israel and Christ their Rightful KING – The Heraldic Symbolismof the Unicorn on the British Coat-of-Arms.

Madrid's claim to sovereignty over Gibraltar is FALSE and that history and the FACTS shoot holes in their argument and it just will NOT "hold water" – Gibraltar – British or Spanish?