Lucifer Invented Lying

What is the relevance of this thread and its purpose? Exposing "Her Majesty" crimes.

The remaining 3 Beatles were told by MI5 agent Maxwell: “Her Majesty's Government believed that if Paul's death were made public, a rash of suicides would follow.” Her deception knows no boundaries.

“Let It Be”?


The “Real” Paul McCartney Died In 1966

Beverly Hills | The former drummer of the Beatles, Ringo Starr, surprised the world this morning, Febuary 9, 2018, during an interview in his Californian residence when he admitted that the 45-year old rumors about the alleged death of Paul McCartney in 1966 were actually true.

In an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Inquirer, Mr. Starr explained that the “real” Paul McCartney had died in a car crash on November 9, 1966, after an argument during a Beatles’ recording session. To spare the public from grief, the Beatles replaced him with a man named William Shears Campbell, who was the winner of a McCartney look-alike contest and who happened to have the same kind of jovial personality as Paul.

“When Paul died, we all panicked!” claims Ringo, obviously very emotional. “We didn’t know what to do, and Brian Epstein, our manager, suggested that we hire Billy Shears as a temporary solution. It was supposed to last only a week or two, but time went by and nobody seemed to notice, so we kept playing along. Billy turned out to be a pretty good musician and he was able to perform almost better than Paul. The only problem was that he couldn’t get along with John, at all.”

William Shears Campbell, better known as Billy Shears, does indeed “disappear ” from records in 1966, and no traces of him can be found after Paul’s alleged death.

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Another interesting one from this Miles Mathis writer:

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"Blue and yellow flowers as Queen meets Trudeau" (In Windsor Castle) I wonder if he is getting a new medal?

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Also more information on "Lennon" here in this updated paper:

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Revelation 25:3 For nothing will be as it is seen.

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