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Good article in London on biggest uprising yet. Unite for freedom, not divide.

There is an important TOOL that people can use to challenge and defeat The Evil Establishment and its (Devouring) Beast System – especially for defending their God-given Rights.

It is a tool that puts one ON GOD’S SIDE. And it must be used correctly – as THE ARGUMENT.

People keep trying to do it their way, not God’s Way; and this is why they fail.

We are fighting the Biblical Evil that we were warned about in the Holy Scriptures. Trying to fight the system using the evil system’s tactics is almost pointless and exhausting (as intended) – because it is rigged in their favor, especially with corrupt attorneys, politicians, police and judges, who have sold their own souls for their measly worldly lives. They are still so arrogant they think they are going to win.

And people think they are so clever that they can beat the system at its own game. If individuals are so clever at understanding “legalese” then why can’t they be smart enough to know the game is rigged.

It’s time to level the field.

And the way to do this is to go after the head of the snake.

This is where the TOOL comes in – it is THE CHALLENGE DOCUMENT – which challenges their authority – and the Queen’s authority – USING GOD’S LAW, not man-made unlawful ones.

The evil system is so scared of this CHALLENGE that cases using it have been dismissed.

Please see testimonials of those who have used it:


Visit .

Long Live King Christ. Long Live The Fighters –

For Good, For GOD.


Brand New Tube Production on the London Protest (1.5hr) by Sonia Poulton:

Mission Trafalgar Square -

An edited version of the event, with interviews, speech excerpts and signs. Positive news about the event.

You can find her on twitter -

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Resist and Act for Freedom – Trafalgar Square – London 19 September

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Today the Protest. Tomorrow the Seminar.

The World Doctors Alliance is hosting a seminar Sept. 20 from 5-8 p.m. UK time. See the attached flyer for details:

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Here is an article highlighting the recent protest worldwide – some you may not know about & mentions today’s in London:

Winter Oak makes a sound argument for his/her thinking; most of it we already know and some we also believe, ie:

The global program of lockdowns is a mechanism for reorganizing societies around the world along the lines of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ agenda.

Authorities know that they can control people either through fear or by telling people they are saving lives.

Vaccination – which everything seems to be moving towards.

It is about thinking for yourself, rather than going along with what your friends or comrades are saying or what the WHO, NHS, media and government is saying.

It is so obvious that what the authorities are doing has nothing to do with a virus, so either there was a conspiracy from the beginning or they are using the situation to control us and bring in new rules and systems. It may be governments doing it but I think more likely it is a group of world technocrats making governments do it (Johnson etc being puppets).

Whether you are pro or anti lockdown is really not about selfish or unselfish; I believe it is about behaving sanely in an insane world.

To know how insane the world is – read [The Way home or face The Fire]. It offers good advice on how to survive this insanity.

Simon Paul Evans on this event (8min):

Excuse the swearing, but he makes valid points (currently at 10,000 views):

He doesn't believe the propaganda the government is coming out with, but recognizes they are pushed by others. They borrow from private banking. These pushers are backed by these Banksters. So, he is going to the protest to find out what the truth is.

He mentions a woman who is upset, having found out the NHS has injected her daughter at school without her knowledge. They went into the school and injected everyone.

"We are heading for very dark times," he said.

Yes, it is right. The darker it gets, the more people will seek The Light.

The Sons of Liberty: Live from Trafalgar Square in London

Update: The feed seems okay now. There are initial problems with the feed. Some are wondering if there's intentional interference.

Bradlee Dean has a camera person on the ground who was supposed to be near the stage to hear the speeches. He is still waiting.

The crowd is chanting to the police "Choose your side."

Bradlee now has Rupley's stream up:

Sons of Liberty link (first link) above has speakers on the left side of the screen, crowd footage on the right.

Here is a video of the crowd around the stage:

Footage is also on Stand Up Official Facebook page:

Here is a link that the speakers can be heard:

More News:

Interesting, the statement reads, "Those who remain may get arrested."

Because Kate just made an appeal to the crowd to surround the stage; and warned them that police were still there all around the back.

And this in from RT:

The Daily Mail is in (with their usual spin):

From the Express:

They concentrate on the usual message – and have a scuffle to concentrate on. The news stories are in; however, speakers continued speaking.

Resist & Act Protest – Sunday Updates:

News, Tweets, Videos:


Kate Shemirani tweet -

Interesting thread of people responding to her tweets like, "The police have become a political tool. Cowards too."

Here is a tweet of police footage in rapid formation in a thinned out crowd:

Here is some footage of Kate at the protest (first 4mins of 7min). She called for C. Dick to be arrested; also saying she was assaulted by police, not arrested. Goes into the legislative actions about what they are planning – Be ahead of the opponent and know their plans, we know their plans:

And from Evening Standard - the government narrative:

(Once you've read one MSM article on the event, you've read them all).

They were going to have to make arrests (on the thinned out crowd) to save face – and to make "an example" which is going to make the news cycle. They hope to scare people into not protesting because they too might "get arrested".

God knows who is fighting the good fight for Him.

This demonstration focused on the medical experts, but you won't see this reflected in MSM; and none of these speakers will be treated with the respect they deserve by the traitors in the government or media.

Anna Brees Interviewed them It's in the tweet, not on her channel as yet:

And look at what the speakers said if you like:

Here is Dr. Andrew Kaufman's address (11min):

Here is Carrie Madej speech (11 min):

Dolores Cahill's speech. She was there (12min):

David Kurten's (current politician running for Mayor and past chemistry teacher). His speech (6min):

Another side of the story (the protesters) – from Bradlee Dean of Sons of Liberty, who live-streamed the event.

Please watch the last 3 minutes (start at the 15min) mark. This is where Bradlee reports on the aggressive police force with accompanying footage:

They didn't even need to be there - this was peaceful protest, he commented.

Scenes in under a minute - it was a peaceful protest:

Scene in under one minute of the protesters peacefully pushing the police back:

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Resist & Act Protest – Monday Updates:

News, Tweets, Videos:

Note: This thread is updated as news, tweets, videos become available and/or found. The goal is not to highlight the fake news featuring the government spin. This is an effort to find more balanced news of what really happened. This thread is also to highlight the speakers, who were there for a reason – to educate – and their messages shouldn’t be lost. This is why their speeches are inserted in this thread (when found). Also, included are people who see the protest for what it was – a peaceful protest rioted against by police.

Let's start by including more speeches made at the rally –

Mark Steele (11min):

Kevin Corbett (9min):

Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s speech was included in an earlier reply on this thread, but here is an article that includes a transcript of his speech, which also gives the Brighteon link to it:

From Truth Comes to Light: Global Enslavement Via A Fake Virus Pandemic Exercise: We Must End This Now -


I’ll take the risk to prevent his new world order of tyranny from being realized, and I hope you will too.

He looked at the scientific papers and despite the widespread media and government claims of a virus causing disease, there was no proof. What the scientists did is extract some genes or pieces of genes from a couple of people and they called it a virus.

This is scientific fraud.

When the World Health Organization declared a pandemic in late March, nations around the world, practically in [LOCKSTEP] with each other, took unprecedented action.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD is a forensic psychiatry specialist, natural healing consultant, and highly-qualified molecular biologist.

Next, let's see what others are reporting –

Alex Belfield – The Voice or Reason:
MSM Disgrace - No Hope! Not 1 Positive Article From Trafalgar Square, London 19th Sept (4min)

Not one MSM report on 10s of thousands whose voice is being silenced. Why can we include this (their views) as a news story, he asked. After sifting through the footage, Alex knows people are being portrayed incorrectly by the media.

Anna Brees Channel (1min) - again highlighting the clash between the protesters and police:

Liam Galvin's Channel has a compilation of the event in under 15mins which begins with Kate’s speech and runs through the day, including arrests at the end.

Note - In Kate's speech, she told the police officers they were breaking the law - against The Criminal Justice Act 2015 – Abuse of Police Power and Privileges. You are facing a 14-year prison sentence. We are teaching these people medicine, law and politics, she said.

Everyone should use [The Challenge Document] to fight this evil system.

Here is an article/post on *Fahrenheit211. While he doesn't agree with the protesters for various reasons, he does believe in ending the lockdown – and that the police are "bent as a fork" and their use of force was brutal:

Those thousands of people attending were, as far as I could see, primarily there to protest an increasingly authoritarian approach to Covid by Boris Johnson’s government and were not tin foil hat anti-Vax or anti-5G types. They looked to me like ordinary Britons who had had enough.

Britons used to have one of the best law enforcement systems in the world. We now understand, beyond all reasonable doubt, that we have police forces that are quite frankly as bent as a fork. Our police have also become as thuggish and unnecessarily violent towards Britons as were the sort of Continental police forces that we once looked at, shuddered and thanked out lucky stars that Britain’s police were not as egregiously violent as them. A prime example of the police being excessively violent without either justification or good cause comes from yesterday’s anti-lockdown demonstration in London. From what I’ve seen so far of the livestreams, the police were provoking conflict by the nature of their policing. Officers in full body armour pushed demonstrators back into Trafalgar Square in a manner that I, being a person who has, as a photographer, covered a lot of public disorder incidents in the past, believe could have been designed to rile people up.

We'll end with the scenes of police brutality –

Kate Shemirani tweeted - "Did you kill him Officers. The photographer witnessed you smashing his head on the floor. Where is this man? You will stand trial for murder. You will be found. The police were guilty of rioting. They are criminals."

She is referring to this scene from We are the 17.4 Million Channel (5min):

Also here on Ieuan Naiomi-Rose Channel (2.5min):

From Ieuan Naiomi-Rose – another person is on the ground (18sec):

The world is watching.

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Thank-you for putting the information together. And thank-you to all those brave men and women!

“Kill the new normal”

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Resist & Act Protest – Tuesday Updates:

News, Tweets, Videos:

Let's start the updates with two good videos on the Anna Brees Channel:

Anna interviews Alan Morrell, citizen journalist, who was there to report on the event. Footage of his coverage is presented in this video, where he interviews people and why they were there:

London Protest, Trafalgar Square, 19th Sept 2020 (18min).

The second video is Anna interviewing the man who was holding the "This is Tyranny" placard in the video featured in the previous reply above.

The Man with the Placard. London protestor, Jeff Wyatt - 21st Sept 2020 (33min):

This video, which is slightly longer, is worth the watch. Jeff was also previously arrested and has a court date in Oct. He needs to use [THE CHALLENGE DOCUMENT] if anyone knows how to contact him.

"We need to save our way of life. This is sinister," he said.

He said between 12,000-15,000 people were there from all walks of life. We are living in Tryanny. The only reason it took place was because of hundreds of veterans were there protecting the speakers. They marshaled the crowd brilliantly. We outwitted them and police didn’t like it. You cannot march into hundreds of Englishmen. What Kate did by informing the crowd was crucial. Met police were trying to shut down a legit rally – Jeff explained.

Anna briefly brings up Karol Sikora and an open letter to the UK government, which can be found on his twitter account:

This letter was also published by The Spectator – "Boris must urgently rethink his Covid strategy" at Boris must urgently rethink his Covid strategy | The Spectator

Next up is one by Carl Vernon:

“Conspiracy” This, “Anti” That Carl Vernon (4min):

MSM didn’t cover the fact the police were heavy handed with the people. What I get is how all the people there are called conspiracy theorists, which is anyone who goes against the narrative.

Carl was at the last protest and said, they were the "nicest people you’re going to meet."

Media instantly painting anyone as a conspiracy theorist is ridiculous. What? Do we not have any rights to go against what the media is saying, he asks.

You can check out both Anna Brees and Carl Vernon's You-tube channels for more relevant videos.

On a different note – Investigative Journalist Sean Argyle is featured on Save Us Now Channel.

He speech begins at the .50-sec mark; and he highlights a few topics: pedophilia/pizza gate; the connection of 5G and covid19; and 911; and right mentioning 911, the video is interrupted because the police broke through. (Nothing to see here folks).

He did have a chance to say, "We could change the world if enough people just said 'No'."

He does bring up common law, but that's not what is going to save us – It's going to be God's Law, of which common law was the first deviation.

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They now have a playlist of the the speeches from the Resist and Act Protest on the 19th:

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26 September – Unite for Freedom Protest, Trafalgar Square London, Noon

From the Stop New Normal Website:

The Government will vote in the last week of Sept to renew or stop Corona Tyranny.

Now we must organise & spread the truth locally like never before, building for the Rally of the century.

The rally is on – Piers Corbyn tweeted this message:

He also tweeted:

"We are all set for the massive effective peaceful rally of the century 26Sep Trafsq 12noon. Beware fake news and divisive propaganda."

Crowd starting to gather (17sec):


Stand Up X YT Channel. Person filming is on stage, toward one side. You can hear speakers:

Live Stream From Active Patriot UK. You can hear the speakers on this channel. The camera is at the front of the stage:

Ruptly's Live Stream - fixed position:

Also speakers can be heard on Becky Forrest Channel:

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Anna Brees is in London.

Here's her introduction:

Interviews are on her FB Channel and twitter:

Here are some up on YT now:

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If you were watching live, you know the police barged in and disrupted the peaceful protest, attacking people with their batons.

Ruptly is still covering Trafalgar Square, but many protesters have and are making their way to Hyde Park, and plan more speeches there.

If the live stream gets disrupted, check back on Stand Up X youtube channel at

The above video ended. Here is Stand Up X next live one:

Note from the one filming, Cathy Fox: My stand up x live feed keeps breaking down, or they keep shutting off the live feed - keep checking this site for latest on StandX Trafalgar Square London Protest March to Hyde Park.

Short clips on her twitter:

Here are two more channels another featuring at Hyde Park, both with multiple screens:

From Tim Truth YT – with commentary as it's being streamed:

From Critical UK YT:

Immortal Aliens is at Hyde Park too (featured in one of the multiple screens above):

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When police disrupted the protest at Trafalgar Square, they did so just after Dr. Heiko Schöning took the stage. They allowed everyone else to speak, but were terrified of letting the doctor speak, and telling the people the truth about the Covid Hoax coming from a doctor and his thousands of colleagues, because they could not spin that, or ridicule him as a conspiracy-theorist like with David Icke and others.

This is Heiko with Robert F. Kennedy Jr in Berlin:

He is associated with "Doctors for Enlightenment", an organization of thousands of doctors and medical-experts, and that's why they are afraid of him speaking to a large audience, publicly and via video over the Internet.


Here is footage of him being arrested at Hyde Park. Thus proving that they are absolutely terrified of people hearing the Truth, so they arrested him before he could address the audience.

Dr. Heiko Schöning arrested

Anna Brees interviewed Dr. Heiko Schöning before the protest. The link is featured above. At 6:50min, Anna Brees introduces herself to Dr. Schöning who agrees to speak with her. He said he was also one of the founders of Doctors for the Truth. Here is the link again:

Please listen to what he told Anna. He mentions a very informative website: which is available in several languages.

He is also part of the Corona Whistle Blowers:

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