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Ruptly Live from London

Live stream closer to stage from Immortal Aliens YouTube:

“Unite for Freedom” Protest on August 29th :arrow_left:


Dolores Cahill - Unite For Freedom Protest London

(8 min)


Retired Qualified Nurse and Health Scientist with 40 years' experience speaking at protest (3min):

Since January, our government has commanded NHS to spread fear and viral hysteria – Contagion Fear – designed to control you. We are under Covid Dictatorship.


The event was yesterday; and the live-stream links on the original post will be updated with new links.

Gearóid Murphy has a 2-hour version:

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Anna Brees Interviews people at the London Protests (9min):

Nicely done – giving individuals who were there a voice. You won't hear these views on MSM.


Alex Belfield - THE VOICE OF REASON (2min):

Belfield: The Revolution has started. This is inspiring.

{What you are going to hear on MSM is news about clashes, arrests and conspiracy theorists. Best to look elsewhere for what really happened.}


360-Degree News (2.5min):

Compilation of footage throughout the day. This was a sea of people wanting to topple a mountain of government. More protests are planned.

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Carl Vernon's Overview of the Protest (8min):

Trafalgar Square was at capacity.

Love conquers fear.

The video has footage clips of yesterday's protest, but he give his take on his first protest.

:smiley: See the poster at 5:32 min.

Piers Corbyn speech at London demo August 29th 2020 (16min):

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Another SCARE tactic not to protest – All MSM news about the protests are designed to project these messages/threats:

Don't protest: you might get arrested, you might get hurt, you might be labeled a conspiracy theorist; and now you might be fined."

Anna Brees reaction to the media reporting of the London Protests (7min):


Vernon Coleman 29th August 2020 London Rally Speech (6min):

Unfortunately, Dr Vernon Coleman, could not attend the Trafalgar Square rally but, instead, recorded a special video to be played there. For more details, see


Use the word collaborators to describe the mask wearing, social distancing, sanitising zombies. It’s a great psy op word and it will scare the Government’s psychological warfare specialists because it demonises those who wear the masks and effectively defines them as part of the enemy. This is, after all, a war we’re fighting. A war for the survival of humanity. And as the French Resistance realised, the collaborators are part of the enemy.

Remember the FDA in the US has banned 149 hand sanitisers because they are very dangerous. If someone asks you to use their sanitiser ask them to check it isn’t one of the dangerous ones.

If shops won’t take cash – then take your business elsewhere.

And if your local Vlad the Impaler wants to vaccinate you demand that he or she give you a written guarantee that the vaccine is safe and effective – long-term. Let them see you write down the date, the batch number and the name of the person giving the vaccination. Tell them you will sue if you have any side effects. Remind them that governments around the world have already paid out billions in compensation for vaccine damage.

Freedom of assembly? Piers Corbyn, a speaker at Saturday’s big anti-lockdown protest in London was arrested (again) and hit by a £10,000 fine by the authorities. That’s right – protesting peacefully against draconian lockdowns in numbers larger than 30 is now illegal, wrote Neil Clark, in this RT Op-ed:

Britain in 2020 is the place where George Orwell’s ‘1984’, Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ and Ray Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ all meet up and give each other high fives. A truly awful anti-human dystopia is being constructed in front of us but we are being told to ignore the building work – and ‘look over here’ instead.

It has seemed throughout the year that the British people are coming under attack from all directions, but actually there’s just the one source of these attacks: Globalism, an elite, totalitarian ideology which in recent years has become hegemonic.

Independently-minded critical thinkers who don't toe the line and who dare to deviate from ‘group-think’ face ridicule, character assassination, or even worse. Whether or not Orwell actually said it: Simply stating the truth in such a time of universal deceit has become a revolutionary act.

The full-on globalist assault on our liberties is taking place right in front of our eyes, just like those do-or-die plane battles in 1940.

The question is: Whose side are you on in the new Battle of Britain?

This article is a bit more balanced than many mainstream ones and deserves a mention.

Unfortunately, it still leads with people believe "coronavirus is a hoax". The MSM concentrated their messages on "hoax" for a reason. They also concentrated on "anti-vax" sign – even some mentioning the 5G movement. They do this because they are trying to discredit the movement by connecting all these groups into one – so that if some feel one group is crazy, then they will associate all the groups who showed up with "crazy".

Many groups were there with valid concerns, but the MSM and their masters do not wish anyone to realize that. Unfortunately, word has gotten out. If you read/listen to MSM, you think the protest attracted "crazies". If you do the slightest bit of digging, you know there's more to the story.

You can actually talk to a taxi driver, shop keeper, honest copper, your neighbor and others you met to realize the number of people who are no longer buying the government narrative are growing rapidly; and the ones who are crazy are the ones pushing this fanatical story that we are in still in a pandemic.

It's the pandemic that is the hoax – those epidemic numbers have long gone. They are trying to keep this monster alive with a casedemic and fear. They are insane.

This is an example of another balanced article. The author, who was on the ground at the protest, reasonably questioned the amount of interests represented at the protest, but in the end, believed it was positive.

"Why not stick to the basic fact that SARSCOV2 is demonstrated to be a largely harmless coronavirus, and encourage people to join us as opposed to seed divisiveness from the word go and risk alienating the very people we dearly wish to reach?"

"The atmosphere was peaceful and welcoming. The sense of relief at being amongst a crowd of similarly-minded people, of feeling some safety in numbers for a brief and rare time, was visible on the faces of all those around."

"The strongest speakers stuck to a very clear message, a call to arms for people to question, question, question and oppose draconian social policy."

"This was a terrific thing. And we should all take a positive message from it. Huge credit is due to the speakers, the organisers and all those who helped spread the word."

Another article and perspective from Steve Cook, who was on the ground:

Aside from its size and the miraculous speed of its growth since the government went overtly potty over the Coronavirus psyop, it is this:

The freedom movement does what it never did in earlier times: it spans and embraces generations.

But the enemy is not a virus

It is a government infiltrated by subversives who collaborate with a power inimical to the wellbeing of the human community.

See also some news about London on the Berlin Thread:

Carly, a Preston nurse, attended the London Protest in her uniform. She has since been sacked. Hear her story in this video linked from FB (5min).

Many NHS professionals and people working in the health care/social care sector are afraid to speak out.

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They are hoping to attract politicians who will be rebelling.