Logic Before Authority - "The Planned 5G Radiation Of Humanity"

#OperationRadiation – The Video BANNED From Youtube. They Don’t Want You To Know What Is Coming.


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Thank you. This video seems to sum up information on the connection between pandemics and wireless technology rollouts, basically the narrator says, "This mini-documentary will show you the truth behind the current pandemic and worldwide lockdown."

It takes you on a historical journey about wireless communication and the 1918 pandemic.

What does 1918 Spanish Flu and the 2020 Corona Virus have in common? Both have a next generation wireless communications technology being rolled out.

Are we having Deja-vu? The sign on the chest reads, "WEAR A MASK OR GO TO JAIL"

Wear a mask or go to jail
photo featured in the video

Another written analysis about the 1918 Spanish flu and wireless was done by @A_Freeman here: