Local Obituaries SKYROCKETING But No One Notices

The Asheville Citizen Times Obituaries are now up to 624 PAGES, this is up from around just 30-40 PAGES just two years ago.


Unbelievably, nobody is talking about these local obituaries skyrocketing, this may be the only real numbers we are ever going to get out this shit show.

Please, will somebody with a popular channel or larger audience help get the word out, this is real verifiable proof that mass death is actually happening. See all the 'Now Hiring' around your local area, this is why. It isn't unemployment, it isn't people staying home sick, it's people dropping dead like flies!

Source - Local Obituaries SKYROCKETING But No One Notices



Dropping dead on beaches

Sudden adult syndrome???

Blaming this on the heat???

Have these humans been made more susceptible to a heart attack or stroke due to jabs???

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