Lieutenant-General Sir Benjamin Bathurst expected to be new Governor

Army General, Lieutenant- General Sir Benjamin Bathurst is expected to be the new Governor.

GBC sources suggest he's the preferred candidate to replace Sir David Steel next year.

It's not been confirmed by the Convent which in answer to our questions says the formalities for selecting a Governor are not yet complete.

It adds an official announcement will be made when the King approves the appointment.

Commissioned into the Welsh Guards in 1987, Sir Benjamin has done three staff appointments in the Ministry of Defence.

As a lieutenant Colonel, he was responsible for UK policy on NATO and assisted strategic planning for Iraq, where he completed three tours. He later ran the Army public relations as a Colonel.

Sir Benjamin has also delivered State Ceremonial for the Queen, including the US President's state visit and Royal Weddings.

He's married to Kate and has two children.

According to the vacancy, advertised earlier this year, the position is from May 2024 for a fixed term of four years.

According to the Wikipedia page on him -

In 2020, on completion of his tour at London District, he took up the appointment of UK Military Representative to NATO in the rank of lieutenant-general Bathurst was formally appointed promoted to lieutenant-general on 13 March 2020 and serves as the National Military Representative to the European Union.

His UK Gov Bio

As a Lieutenant Colonel, he was responsible for UK policy on NATO and assisted strategic planning for Iraq.

He has completed 3 tours in Iraq. In 2003, he served in CJ5 Strategic Plans in the US Combined Joint Task Force 7 in Baghdad. In 2004, he commanded the Welsh Guards Battlegroup in Maysan on Operation TELIC 5. He returned to Baghdad again in 2009 as a Brigadier for a one year tour as Deputy Director CJ5, Multinational Force-Iraq.

The UK’s Permanent Military Representative (MILREP) represents the UK’s military interests at NATO.