Landscaping Project Transforms Ocean Village And Marina Bay

This week marks the completion of another stage of the landscaping project undertaken at Ocean Village and Marina Bay.

A statement from Ocean Village follows below:

This week marks the completion of another stage of the intensive landscaping project undertaken at Ocean Village and Marina Bay, which has transformed the Ocean Village and Marina Bay resort promenades and pool areas, incorporating modern planters, atmospheric and intimate lighting, and beautiful foliage and flowers for the whole community to enjoy.

Over £650,000 has already been invested in these works, which started in 2019. The majority of the large capital cost items are paid for by the developer of Ocean Village and not the residents.

The planting project has involved close collaboration with landscaping specialists and includes over 50 new trees in Ocean Village and Marina Bay, in addition to several vibrant and native plant species throughout the estate.

In addition to the landscaped planters, the inclusion of warm white lighting and complementary mood lighting has enhanced the twilight and night atmosphere, with several restaurants, residents and visitors alike providing excellent feedback.

Attention has also been turned to the further facilitation of nature, with additional swift boxes being installed throughout the estate and a planned webcam for one of the boxes for the next breeding season; for which a live public feed will be made available.

The journey continues with other areas across the estate being scheduled for enhancement and the Ocean Village team always welcomes feedback and thanks those that have contributed so positively to this project, as it continues to transform the area into a vibrant, environmentally friendly place to live, work and play.

The Ocean Village ethos of “Creating green spaces for living” is seen throughout, inspired in part by another Ocean Village building, Ocean Spa Plaza, Gibraltar’s first ever “living wall”.