La Línea has a Unique Catalogue to harmonise the urban image of the locality.

The mayor, Juan Franco, has presented a Unique Catalogue that compiles the aesthetic and normative elements that must be applied in every urban intervention carried out in the city. He was accompanied by the Councillor for Agenda 2030, Strategic Development, and Infrastructure, Yolanda Fernández Borastero, and the municipal architect, Ángela Aguado.

The work distinguishes a series of specific urban landscapes, such as the bypass, the city centre, the maritime area, La Atunara, the school district, and the industrial district. In each of them, models of urban furniture, pavement, etc., characteristic and identifying for each neighbourhood, are established, and they are linked through neutral landscapes as a common thread.

The development of this document, carried out by Cai Constructores, is justified by the need to harmonise the results of the works that will be executed from now on with a pre-established design, as the mayor pointed out, as "motivating ideas for the urban and urban development of the municipality." In this way, it prevents each new project from being disconnected from the existing ones. Also, it places pedestrians over vehicles to achieve "a more humane and livable city," he assured.

The Unique Catalogue will, therefore, create "a complete image of the city with which the residents feel identified," as stated by Aguado.

The Infrastructure Councillor has described the work as "arduous, extensive, and meticulous," as it has combined the current normative framework with a detailed analysis of the city's appearance, also taking into account the concerns of the citizens regarding public space, through various sectorial discussions.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the Unique Catalogue is in line with Agenda 2030, which will help obtain grants for new projects and takes into account the guidelines set by the new General Urban Plan (PGOU), the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (PMUS), and the future Parking Plan. "It fits perfectly with the philosophy of Agenda 2030 and aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals," said the mayor, who, regarding the Urban Agenda 2030, reported that it contains sixty-five lines of action, with the aim of discussing it in the December plenary.