Killing Birds by 5G and HAARP!

Killing Birds by 5G and HAARP! -

UK Bird Handlers Mourn ‘Worst Day’ in Pigeon Racing History as 5,000 Birds Vanish

According to the New York Post:

It’s unclear what prompted the squab squadrons to seemingly vanish into thin air. However Sayers, whose local pigeon coop reportedly lost as many as 300 birds in the flight-marish phenomenon, said most breeders are ‘blaming the atmospheric conditions, possibly a solar storm above the clouds that created static in the atmosphere.’

Ian Evans, CEO of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, finds the Bermuda Triangle-esque disappearance especially baffling as ‘weather conditions across the country were good.’ He added that ‘there was nothing to suggest that any birds would struggle to get home.’

It is believed that meteorological disturbances may have played a part in distorting the Earth’s magnetic field, which pigeons use for navigation.

Just wondering if the birds could have lost their way due to EMF interfering with their navigation as discussed in Gibraltar's Gamble with 5G – Section 5 WHO vs The Challengers.

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