KEY OF DAVID 'Stone of Destiny' episode from South Africa VISION TV

Doesn’t look like it

@ 30 mins onward......

She is a maniac, don't waste your time.

Understood, thank-you.

You're welcome.

That is absolutely true.

Why did Gateway Pundit publish an article (below) by Wayne Allyn Root proclaiming the same ....

Trump is, as I keep saying, “the Chosen One.”

Gateway Pundit was founded by Jim Hoft who is a "gay" activist which truthfully means he is an advocate of men having sex with other men :face_vomiting: Jim Hoft is a sodomite.

The author of the article, Wayne Allyn Root, is a Zionist jew. He is openly a jew and yet says in the article '"We"' just concluded Easter Week". - end of quote. Apparently, it is okay with him to recognize Easter when comparing Trump to Jesus Christ. He says he is not doing that, but he obviously is. Melissa Redpill, Wayne Allyn Root and all the christian Zionists are blasphemous. Their popularity appears to be increasing as the 2024 Trump campaign gains steam. Trump is the Zionist "chosen one" for sure. Here is the article published by Jim Hoft another pro-Trumper:

WAYNE ROOT: On Easter Week “He Has Risen.” And So Has President Donald J. Trump