Kate Shemirani: Message for medical professionals being coerced into vaccination

Many nurses, doctors and healthcare assistants are being coerced, bullied, threatened, and emotionally bullied into receiving the new Covid19 vaccination. Kate wants to empower them to push back. Natural Nurse Kate Shemirani reads the UK legislation related to medical professionals submitting to vaccines (8min):

She joins doctors worldwide warning against the vaccine.

Kate Shemirani has been active in anti-lockdown protests in London and the UK.

Kate reads the UK Legislation, which can be used in the push back, because vaccines are not mandatory (YET) for healthcare workers.

But realize that taking vaccines is against God's Law and fight with Him on your side - https://defending-gibraltar.net/t/life-or-death-pharmaceutical-plandemic-poisonous-vaccines-or-the-healing-of-the-holy-spirit-your-choice/626

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Talking About 5G, Covid, and Jab Protocols.
Dr. Meri Crouley interviews Nurse Kate Shemirani-Natural Nurse in a Toxic World

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Kate Shemirani: Freemasons & Murder & that’s just the NHS ! Doctors & Nurses fronting ‘Regime’

Nurse and nutritionist Kate Shemirani, who appears every Saturday morning at 8am EST on The Sons of Liberty, recently divulged some deeply disturbing, but not surprising, information regarding what is taking place in the United Kingdom. Among the revelations were several doctors that are Freemasons who have been involved in the ongoing CONvid-1984 genocide. Additionally, many in the National Health Service, including doctors and nurses, are also continuing to promote the CONvid lies and even pimping out more of the genocide jabs despite the overwhelming evidence that is coming out and exposing their crimes of murder.

Shemirani’s comments have caused quite a stir among peers and the medical profession since there are so many Freemasons in the UK.

Nevertheless, Shemirani has doubled down on her claims and will continue to seek out the truth and expose it. Lives are depending on it. Kate Shemirani: Freemasons & Murder & That’s Just The NHS! Doctors & Nurses Fronting For The ‘Regime’ (Video) - The Washington Standard


‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 167: What’s Happening in the UK?

Hear a special interview with British Nursing Alliance’s Kate Shemirani at the end of today’s “Good Morning CHD.” But first, hear from a guest doctor on vaccines’ impact on the heart, the suppression of alternative therapies, adverse event reporting and more from the United Kingdom and across the globe. Viewers, be sure to watch this jaw-dropping episode!

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