JONATHAN CAHN: December 2020 Urgent Message


For the most part, Cahn’s message is an appropriate message for the world’s situation. While he brings up Trump and the election, the message is broad. The darker it gets, more will seek The Light.

We are to pray for and fight for God’s purposes. His Ways are Higher than ours.

No matter who it is that sits in the White House… the most important thing is Who it is that sits on the Throne of Heaven; and we know who that is; and He remains seated on that Throne.

Without turning to God, America is lost. The political realm threatens to seal America’s fall from God. [America’s and the UK’s fate are tied together as the Two Witnesses].

Cahn marked the year 2020 as a year of great shaking. Repent, Return and Revival, he urged us. Elijah has been saying that for years. We must pray for God’s Will and do it; and sing the New Song [Hallelujah].

Kings and kingdoms will rise and fall, but the name of our God will stand forever. And the name of Jesus Christ, The Messiah, The LIGHT of the world is the same yesterday, today and forever. [AMEN].

These dark times [even come Satan’s Dark Winter] is a time for us to stand for God. Got Armour - Eph. 6:11-18?

Jonathan Cahn has been featured, or mentioned, in a few articles on Time to Think if you would like to read them.

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I will not be sharing Jonathan Cahn videos or books. He speaks some truth, but preachers usually do speak some truths.

@NancyDrewberry That is perfectly fine. The hope was to draw attention to the Truth-links within what was described by him – to point others to The Lord; and also to the previous articles which critique what he has said with what we know as Truth from The Lord.

Thank-you. Understood. I appreciate and am thankful for all the work you and others have done and continue to do. Thank-you and God Bless all your efforts.


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@TimeToThink The one thing about Jonathon Cahn is how he disagrees with who the true Israelites are, yet he is very open and gracious when it comes to people with opposing views, as we handed him personally your two articles, and he prayed to God for understanding. People are drawn to him and God will use who He will, hopefully Mr. Cahn can come all the way…home.

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Thank you for reaching out to Jonathon Cahn.

Where women tend to be controlling, men tend to be arrogant. Cahn, like many, want to be The Teacher. It could only be his arrogance that blinds him to the Biblical facts about who Israel really is, especially given the revelations given to him for his book “The Harbinger”. We can reach out to him and his followers to try to show them The Way, but it is up to them to be humble and become as children, willing to relearn. Perhaps, the penny will drop with Cahn, and if it does, he can make the appropriate announcements to the world. :pray:

He can’t say he wasn’t told.

you’re welcome, hopefully Jonathan Cahn will make the right decision.

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Perhaps, Mr. Cahn will see the Light in regards to True Israel. That would be good for him, his followers and for us. My apologies if I offended anyone who respects him /his work and find, at least in part, his work to be helpful… Too many people are misled about True Israel and I wish to have no part in that deception. The angst and hatred spewed out against that topic of truth is already too much to handle.

As far as preachers, my preference is with Dr. James Wickstrom. His videos were removed from the internet after the death of his body, but have resurfaced. For that I am thankful. Here is a link to some of them on BitChute:

Here is one of my many favorites:

May God Bless all our efforts.

If I may copy one of the members here and sign-out by saying:
Live in Love. Peace.

The Lord teaches that followers of The Way of The Lord are grafted-in regardless of race.