“It Was All Organized To Happen” – They Don’t Want This Out


Please also see a preferred-by-this-forum Brighteon link of the youtube at this site provided below.


Its long but he always has good documents and facts… For example Fauci s wife is how they were able to fast track the vaccination from mice to humans as the normal procedure is thru pigs, monkeys and then mice to humans. He also shows Faucis name on documents from 2003, with the novel corona virus and the attachment to Harvard where Mr. James Calhoun worked (who stole the virus from Canada and attached HIV strands and bought it to Wuhan China)…How Modernas CEO made a 1.5 billion profit, and how your state, and local governments are profiting from grants (401k) under the cares ACT 666 6. In Fauci s article from 2003 it states the Corona virus (common cold) is very rarely a life threatening disease. There are many things to look into. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxSr6G84adA

The Truthseeker link above "It Was All Organized To Happen – They Don’t Want This Out" goes to this video on the Anonymous Official Channel:

"We Are All In Trouble" – They Don’t Want This Out

The person featured in this video said that Dr. William Thompson said, “We have been ordered to fake all the science for the last decade on autism…”

Wonder what else they were ORDERED TO FAKE.

For those who do not like You-Tube, here is the same video on Brighteon:

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Here is a video on Dr. William Thompson:

Senior Government Scientist, Dr. William W. Thompson, Breaks 13 Years of Silence Regarding the CDC’s Vaccine-Autism Fraud

More on Thompson: