Isn't it time to unmask this criminal conspiracy?



Looks like China is making a killing off making face-masks for the world.

"An in-depth investigative story published by The New York Times found that the forced labor of Uyghur Muslims and other political and religious prisoners living in concentration camps throughout China’s Xinjiang province represents the production chains for at least 17 different Chinese companies that sell face masks to foreign markets."

So, is the CCP putting pressure on the controlled W.H.O. and other government officials to require these masks?

Ireland has admitted to doing it for reasons other than health!

Mr Donnelly said the mandatory wearing of masks will "reinforce the need for all of us to embrace new habits" during the pandemic.

“The wearing of face coverings in appropriate settings is a sign of solidarity to your friends and family..."

Taoiseach Micheal Martin said that once the mandatory wearing of face masks comes into effect, more people will comply with the rule.

He said: "My experience has always been, from earlier times, that once you say to people it's against the law, people will actually conform.

Isn't this really Marxist Ideology?

Know them by their fruit.


This couldn't be a more in-your-face admission by the World Economic Forum that this entire plannedemic is a psy-op.

The mental toll of quarantine and lockdown

Currently, an estimated 2.6 billion people – one-third of the world’s population – is living under some kind of lockdown or quarantine. This is arguably the largest psychological experiment ever conducted.

They want everyone to wear their masks as an outward sign to show the world they can muzzle everyone's right to breathe and to speak freely based upon nothing but fantasies, and that we will willingly go along with it, even though it is detrimental to our spiritual and physical health.

More fake government propaganda and lies from:

About Us:

#Masks4All is an all-volunteer org that started and powered the movement for people and Governments to follow the overwhelming scientific evidence that shows we need to wear homemade masks in public to slow COVID-19.

Now that this is widely accepted as a fact by Government, news, and health leaders, we’re focused on getting masks to be required across the U.S. and the world.

Just because something is "widely accepted as fact" doesn't make it a fact. Especially when it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that masks are totally ineffective in keeping anything the reported size of a virus in or out.




Will Gibraltar Be Suffocated With More Restrictions?

Muzzling The Rock

Does the next step for the Government of Gibraltar (GoG) involve muzzling its herd?

Before you think that this is all in the name of “public health” – to require you to wear facemasks in public places or even at home when you have visitors, examine this next step logically.

This is a political virus – one that changes (or behaves) outside of real science. Independent scientists, virologists, doctors, nurses and other experts are calling their bluff; and getting ostracized for it – for not walking the party line.

The bluff is run by those onboard with bringing in the New World Order – now being called the New Normal.

First, this virus spreads this way; then it spreads that way. First, it’s not so contagious; then it’s highly contagious. First, it survives this way and that – on paper and hard surfaces; then; it can’t survive this way or that. First, facemasks help protect you; then, nope they don’t.

Drumroll please – facemasks now help; and should be required.

The only thing that mutates is the way governments are using the virus politically to create a top-down-style authoritative (read dictatorial) regime.

What’s happened? They’ve now got a study, which was probably conducted by paid experts, to say facemasks, or coverings, “help”. Just in time for their paid criminal looters and vandals to wear them, so they can’t be recognized.

And just a reminder: there are many more diseases that kill far more people than this so-called virus that, for now, essentially acts like the common cold.

Facemasks do help – They help enslave and muzzle you, and help criminals avoid being recognized and captured. Will they be mandatory in banks? Bank-robbers will absolutely love that idea. This is total insanity!

For one, it’s a chance for the government to control you (again); which in turn; helps them bring in more restrictions later - Fabianism. Facemasks are getting you used to being a slave; reminding you that you are an animal – not a spirit Being. Christ told you that you were a human plus (+) Being;

Thomas 2:8 In the days when you devoured the dead, you made it seem alive; when you come into Light, what will you do? On the day when you were one (humanbeing) you became two (human+Being). But when you have become two what will you do? (see also Thomas 4:10) King of kings’ Bible

Yet, the Synagogue of Satan is programming you to remain only a human animal; and one to be herded, penned, and slaughtered.

Image from: PLANdemic - Are We Being Played? :arrow_left:

Take these examples:

1. In the US, the Washington DC mayor pushes for mandatory masks with “enforcement language”, but excludes officials on duty: “any employees of the federal government while they are on duty.”

So, apparently the virus won’t “behave badly” if an official is on duty.

2. In Ireland, they couldn’t make it any clearer that it’s not about health, but solid-conformity.

Health Minister Stephen Donnelly said the mandatory wearing of masks will “reinforce the need for all of us to embrace new habits” during the pandemic.

NOTE: Masks are about social justice ‘solidarity’ and submission to communist rule that’s being installed – incrementally - Fabianism. It’s just now time to step up to code enforcement. It’s all about staging control and really has nothing to do with safety.

3. If you read The Ministry of Propaganda Chronicle article on England’s compulsory facemasks, you’ll learn that England also has made exclusions for certain individuals and businesses.

Again, apparently “certain” officials are not contagious. And apparently “certain” premises like attorney’s offices, hair-dressers, restaurants, bars, medical practices, are less contagious than the supermarkets. Ask yourself, is safety what this is all about – or control and osmosis?

So, are facemask restrictions coming to Gibraltar?

It’s not out of the question by looking at what the Ministry of Propaganda is peddling –

T.H.E.Y. have published the above article about what England is doing, as well as:

Mix those messages with these narratives:

What pattern do you see?

  1. A constant reminder that the fake virus is still here!
  2. Stay afraid – it could spiral at any moment!
  3. Look at these Face Mask Measures taken by British-England!
  4. Punishments can be doled out to dissidents!

Sidenote: Dr. Death ‘Seig Heil’ Bhatti continues to tell you in advance in his sly tweets:

bhatti tweet

Dr Death Bhatti

Pay Attention to what T.H.E.Y. and their Snake-Oil Salesmen are peddling.

Are they telling you what’s coming, or just testing the waters to get your reaction, to see what degree of push-back they will receive?

Are these messages designed to program the public that facemask muzzles are good – and needed to keep you safe? Remember, Bhatti changed his tune about facemasks. At first, he understood they instilled fear. Later, he walked the party line.

Currently, Public Health Gibraltar still recognizes the limitations of facemasks; and understands they can be irritants and can cause difficulty in breathing. Because of this stance, maybe they will hold their ground instead of moving forward with this part of the global agenda. But keep in mind, Public Health Gibraltar reported, “Advice on the use of masks has been changing constantly based on emerging evidence.” Is it really evidence or just more propaganda/lies?

Read the above entire thread about facemasks, or see links that are of interest.

Your government is likely to take the next step – in muzzling you, to get you to remain FEARFUL and OBEDIENT. If they don’t enforce more restrictions, then it might be because of the pushback they are already receiving – stay vigilant.

The new facemasks with the clear mouth covering was procured by the Office of Civil Contingencies, according to Samantha Sacramento. Did you catch the key global “talking point” inserted by her, “Equally, the private sector are encouraged to use these clear masks so as TO BE MORE INCLUSIVE.”

Will this message morph into something a little more mandatory with a message of "let's all wear them to be in solidarity together?"

The globalists were not successful in getting everyone to voluntarily wear the muzzles, so they are now taking the next step with “code enforcements”. These codes will likely come with fines and dissidents being jailed.

That’s tyranny, not freedom.

Isn’t masks more symbolic of our enslavement than a battle with covid?

Call their bluff – AND hold them accountable for all the nonsense they are implementing on The Rock. Also be aware that muzzling you will be a psy-op countermove.

Christ would have to do everything the hard way, just to prove to people, that, with ENOUGH FAITH, it CAN be done, by following God’s orders, using “The Force”, in Satan’s territory, and show that, one man can move a MOUNTAIN of evil, anywhere in the world, WITHOUT being able to walk on water (THWOFTF 12:9).

“You need to use your common-sense to see what is logical and sensible, and whether the words are to be interpreted in their normal way, or in God's code. A perfect example of this is when Christ said, "IF you have enough faith and you say to this mountain, fall into the sea and it will (Matt. 21:21)", it obviously did not mean an actual mountain and the sea. It was coded. It is obviously possible for God to cast a mountain into the sea, but why should He want to destroy a beautiful mountain that He Himself has created? It means government (mountain) and restless dis-satisfied people (sea).” (THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE and THE TWO WITNESSES )

Matthew Deciphered –

Matthew 21:21 Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this [which is done] to the Fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this government, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the people; it shall be done.


Hi there! Firstly I just want to say amazing work!!! I’ve been talking to all my friends about this, hoping I’m doing my bit. Trying to stop people living in fear and believing the propaganda :frowning: Everyone around us, especially my friends in UK and Spain are getting brainwashed. They are accepting this. We need to prevent face masks in Gib. I will attend a protest (never been to one in my life) but this is the most important thing we can do, I will do anything and all my friends will also. IMO we need to nip this in the bud before it becomes law. Need to show Fabian we will not stand for it.


Welcome Willster. This forum is like no other. It is awesome. Glad you found your way here.

Thank-you to the makers of this video.


Professor Dolores Cahill on COVID-19: “I will not be wearing a mask... EVER!”

Note: The death counts she cites are government generated numbers based solely upon assumptions.

There are NO deaths that can definitively be attributed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which has NEVER been isolated, and thus is currently impossible to test for by any method.

Healing in His Wings

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Well, well, well. That didn't take long, did it? Yesterday, DOTS questioned if the Government of Gibraltar was going to make masks (muzzles) mandatory. Today, we learn from the Olive Press the government is thinking about it.

“We are already planning for the Autumn and Winter,” said CM Picardo.

NEW (extra) RESTRICTIONS will be announced in a few days – July 31

Careful – The CM will be working through the summer as the virus hits us again.

“We continue to take advice on whether masking should be made COMPULSORY, at least in enclosed areas.”

Does he mean by osmosis – Fabianism – incrementally getting Gibraltar used to more restrictions?

Of course, we already know a second wave is coming in the Autumn. They've been telling us almost from the get go; and it's been posted in numerous posts on Defending-Gibraltar, like with the Phase Three is Lethal thread.

Did you hope things would get "back to normal". There will not be a "back to normal" unless the people demand it en masse, and make them back down!

They've also been programming everyone to accept the "new (draconian) normal" from the get go as well.

He says they need to stay ahead of the virus. Gibraltarians need to stay ahead of their draconian plans.

Think about this – Only one person who has a "cold" is causing the Lockdown to be extended. Is it really about health, or control by Der Fuehrer Picardo?

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You’re welcome.
The Satanists can’t stop the Truth. They can only coerce the weak minded using fear. True believers of Christ can never be mind-controlled. Faith and God’s Wisdom, which is Provided to those who are sincere, will overpower evil influences. T.H.E.Y. NEED the herd to be fearful in order to cull them (and cull them T.H.E.Y. will).

Only a mass movement will cause them to back down.
It always has.
T.H.E.Y. know it.
T.H.E.Y. are the TRULY FEARFUL because they have no faith in God or His Son, Christ, the King of kings. T.H.E.Y. know that T.H.E.Y. are not protected by God and will burn when their body dies. This is why T.H.E.Y. are so afraid of dying and want to extend their body’s life. There is NO escaping God’s Judgement and T.H.E.Y. know it.

There WILL be hell to pay.

Live in God’s Love,


Thanks willster. We all have a role to play, no matter how small. Simply sharing this forum to like-minded friends and family is a huge step. Truth is the sword that destroys evil. That’s why there is so much censorship going on right now. The Communist New World Order is panicking right now because the masses are awakening.

“The Sleeper must awaken” (and they are).


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"we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks..."

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Thank-you again. Agreed a mass movement could cause them to back down. Bill Gates must be getting a bit nervous about that petition with 600,000 signatures. But, let us not underestimate the Power of one with the Holy Spirit. :slight_smile:

“Satan will always attack anyone who does good in the world because by doing good you have become a threat to him. He will attack you from every possible angle; from within telepathically, with fear and your imagination running riot; and from without by sending people to get in your way to try to stop you.”

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Psalms: 91:8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.
91:9 Because thou hast made the “I AM”, [which is] my refuge, [even] the Most High, thy habitation;
91:10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.
91:11 For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
91:14 Because he hath set his love upon Me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known My name.
91:15 He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him: I [will be] with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.
91:16 With long life will I satisfy him, and show him My salvation.


It’s not just the masks, your neighbors in Spain who travel back and forth to Gibraltar, now must concern themselves with asymptomatic measures where the Spanish Government is preparing centers to “isolate” asymptomatic Covid-19 patients, and you know how reliable those tests are (not).
It’s for “essential” workers …


I guess we can think of this as a Covid Concentration Camp.

PS. @be1 if you put the hyperlink in its own paragraph, most of the time DG will automatically call up a clickable graphic to the article link, like above as an example.


"...CDC’s serologic test is designed to detect antibodies produced in response to SARS-CoV-2 and minimize cross-reactivity to antibodies generated to other common coronaviruses that cause less severe illnesses, such as colds. However, potential cross-reactivity cannot be completely ruled out..."

"...Serological tests work on blood samples rather than nasal swabs. These types of test for coronavirus are being developed by a number of labs around the world. The blood of someone who has been exposed should be full of antibodies against the virus. It’s the presence, or absence, of such antibodies that the new tests measure..."

T.H.E.Y. want your DNA. This is a DNA harvesting tool, in the name of Covid-19 which has been established as a socio-economic societal control tool.

"... the world must act collectively and quickly to renew all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to technology, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‚great reset’ of capitalism .“ (3)..."

T.H.E.Y. are using Covid as a lever to force change over the world to their NWO of Satanism. By locking everybody down and forcing compliance, T.H.E.Y. are establishing their control. Forcing everyone to wear a mask is a flag to everybody around of their "in your face" forced compliance even though masks have been proven to be ineffective as this threat is a testimony of.

In the name of "essential workers" people who want to keep their jobs will be required to give up their DNA. T.H.E.Y. want to have on file the DNA of the docile passive fearful crowd for future slaves via cloning.

"...On January 22, 2001, Britain's House of Lords voted overwhelmingly to permit the cloning and maintenance of human embryos up to 14 days old for the purposes of medical experimentation, thereby taking the first terrible step toward the legalization of full-blown human cloning. Meanwhile, an international group of human-reproduction experts announced their plans -- current legal prohibitions be damned ..." "...Joseph Fletcher called "parahumans" who he hoped would "be fashioned to do dangerous and demeaning jobs." In other words, Fletcher advocated the creation of a slave race of mostly-humans designed by us and for our use. "As it is now," the bioethics patriarch wrote in his typically snobbish fashion, "low grade work is shoved off on moronic and retarded individuals, the victims of uncontrolled reproduction. Should we not program such workers 'thoughtfully' instead of accidentally, by means of hybridization?"..."

Through Fabian tactics (slow incremental change over time), T.H.E.Y. are conditioning people to swallow the elephant of the "new normal" (evil enslavement) using Covid as their lever. Mandatory testing for people who are not even sick in order to stigmatize the "non compliant", then to force the ID2020 vaccine on everyone to further stigmatize the non compliant, and ultimately require that people prove that they have the mark of Satan in order to buy food.

"... It’s not for nothing that Dr. Tedros, DG of WHO, said a few days ago, we must move towards digital money, because physical paper and coin money can spread diseases, especially endemic diseases, like the coronavirus. A precursor for things to come? – Or for things already here? – In many Scandinavian countries cash is largely banned and even a bar of chocalate can be paid only electronically.
We are moving towards a totalitarian state of the world. This is part of Agenda ID2020 – and these steps to be implemented now – prepared since long, including by the coronavirus computer simulation at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore on 18 October 2019, sponsored by the WEF and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Bill Gates, one of the chief advocates of vaccinations for everybody, especially in Africa – is also a huge advocate of population reduction. Population reduction is among the goals of the elite within the WEF, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgens – and a few more. The objective: fewer people (a small elite) can live longer and better with the reduced and limited resources Mother Earth is generously offering.
This had openly been propagated already in the 1960s and 70s by Henry Kissinger, Foreign Secretary in de (sic) Nixon Administration, a co-engineer of the Vietnam war, and main responsible for the semi-clandestine bombing of Cambodia, a genocide of millions of unarmed Cambodian civilians. Along with the CIA-Kissinger engineered coup on 9/11, 1973, in Chile, killing the democratically elected Salvador Allende and putting the military dictator Pinochet in power, Kissinger has committed war crimes. Today, he is a spokesman (so to speak) for Rockefeller and their “Bilderberger Society”..."

It's too late to stop this insanity. Without God to guide souls today, they are lost... Only 144,000 will survive this, with the help of God.

The Key:


If a Graphic and Social Media Campaign can start Masks Becoming Mandatory, Can They be used to Stop the “Pro-Mask Movement”?

According to “Inside the global social media movement that claims it changed the CDC's mind on masks”, the pro-mask movement started from a graphic that went viral on social media.

“There is a series of interconnected pro-mask movements that stretch from the United States to Czechoslovakia. Since March, they've had the ear of national governments and the World Health Organization.”

Social Media platforms have been used to steer populations into conformity by influencing their opinions and behaviors. So, is it any wonder that social media is being used to usher in the national-solidary image of enslavement and oppression? The Hierarchy Enslaving You call evil good (Isaiah 5:20-21).


Their success, in part, stems from a viral graphic with a climbing line, a bold red circle, and a message that connects the two: "no masks."

The "no masks" graphic triggers automatic understanding. That understanding, in turn, can drive decision-making.

On April 3, the CDC in the U.S. reversed course on the use of masks, and endorsed the use of “cloth face coverings” in public settings, where it is difficult to maintain (anti)social distancing.

The Government of Gibraltar also changed course to mimic new WHO and PHE recommendations.

Picardo said that, “We continue to take advice about whether face masks should be mandatory”. From whom are they taking this advice?

The “Curve Crushers” claimed they started the pro-mask movement.

“You probably haven't heard of the Curve Crushers, but you are connected to them. They are who first posted the doctored Financial Times graphic that compares coronavirus cases in countries with masks, to cases in those without. It has since been shared by science-reporters, and the mayor of Medellín, Colombia. It appears in French news reports and on national television in Tunisia. It's seemingly, everywhere.”

The graphic wasn't even made by a scientist, but rather, by an author, former Lyft employee, and the admin of the Curve Crushers.

This graphic can't actually prove the efficacy of mask-wearing, but it had the power to be a message that scientists have now adopted: masks work. However, mountains of evidence PROVE that they do NOT work.

Jeremy Howard, and the website behind his movement, takes credit for sparking the CDC's interest in changing mask policy.

And Cofounder Petr Ludwig said, “We got the support of the local government and the support of the Minister of Health… We are trying to push other governments around the world to make masks mandatory.”

This begs the questions of, if they are influencing Gibraltar, either directly or through the WHO, PHE or other entities, and who is paying them and why. The control-freak fear-mongers, and/or the mask manufacturers?

This group may be taking the credit for the Mandatory Mask Movement, but they are likely paid by the powers, to be just a part of it. (George Soros has been known to financially back (un)civil groups, protesters, and the like).

This is the graphic that caused this movement:


  1. California government offers social media influencers a deal to promote wearing masks, to make masks stylish, cool and heroic.


  1. Other Stop/Look/Think posts at Covid-19 Face mask info and downloads :arrow_left:

Reminder of fear and slavery

We’ve definitely seen signs that the Government of Gibraltar plans to make masks mandatory:

gbc tweet on mask compulsory

PHE Tweet

These narratives were discussed in the previous post above.

We can even see some promotion/images of this in tweets, and some by those considered to be influencers (see some below).

Why would we start seeing images of Picardo and health-care workers wearing masks now? What have they bought into? And whom will they use in Gibraltar to push the agenda?

Maybe a social-media-campaign can help stop them in their tracks, but this government is arrogant and wants the dictatorial totalitarian-style government that the globalists are pushing. They honestly believe they can get away with whatever they deem necessary, despite opposition; and so what, if the people of Gibraltar don’t like it.

Gibraltarians have to stand up to them en masse. Stop all this nonsense. This is a political virus more attune to a cancer that will kill the host.

Some tweets:

Matthew Bennet Tweet 127k followers

Gavin Lee Tweet 8k followers

Debbie Eade Tweet 3k followers


The Chronicle is taking a survey – is it trying to evaluate public push-back?

What will this survey really accomplish? Numbers can always be manipulated,
especially if the respondents are skewed to be pro-maskers.