Is Spain Falling Apart?


A Spain where the rift between left and right is growing every day. It’s a divided country – full of hostility and resentment. The Political divide has brought an end to dialogue.

"The polarisation we’re going through here will eventually lead us to attacking each other," one man says.

"No one wants a civil war here, but some seem to be headed there," says another man.

Spain: A Country Divided | ARTEtv Documentary

Do the wounds of the Civil War and Francoism explain the growing polarisation of Spanish political life, with a strong far left and the rise of the far-right Vox party?

A French/German file with English subtitles.

From a letter to The Campo – "God has prophesied through Nostradamus that He will make a second butcher's bench ( slaughter ) of the Spanish people who stand against Him and the setting up of Christ's Kingdom in the Campo."

Cadiz (The Campo) need to unite with Christ on its side:


Spain's Collapse Should Scare Europe


A broad and complex set of challenges confront Spain. Challenges that are deeply rooted in the country's turbulent history.

From - Living History

The Spanish Civil War was a pivotal moment in Spanish history, marking a stark transition from the tumultuous Franco Era to the burgeoning post-Franco era. During the Franco Era, Spain was engulfed in a period of oppression and authoritarian rule under the leadership of General Francisco Franco. The country's political and social landscape was tightly controlled, and any dissent was swiftly suppressed. The Franco Era also saw the rise of Spanish Fascism, which became the ruling ideology.

However, the Spanish Civil War also ignited the spark for change and paved the way for the country's transition to a more democratic and open society. The war's aftermath brought widespread devastation and hardship, yet it also fostered a spirit of resilience and determination among the Spanish people. In the post-Franco era, Spain embarked on a path of democratization and economic development, gradually shedding the vestiges of its authoritarian past.