🇬🇮 Is Another Elderly Death Wave Coming To Gibraltar?

Another Dark Winter is upon us...

The elderly death spike started Jan 2021 in Gibraltar and given this news about what the UK Government is doing, is Gib also going to experience another round of elderly deaths - as the government sets its sights on those who survived the first round of the Nazi Euthanasia scheme to relieve the nation of those it deemed as a burden to society.

Read this article on the Daily Expose and look at the steps Gibraltar is also taking:

The UK is about to experience a huge wave of deaths among the elderly and most vulnerable population in scenes that will resemble those of April 2020. The public will be told that Covid-19 is to blame, but the truth is that the recipe for disaster that has been cooked up by the UK Government and its circle of scientific advisors will be solely responsible.

A recipe that has included mandating vaccines for carers, dedicating the energy of the entire NHS to administering “booster” jabs to the nation, and the mass purchase of a drug known as midazolam yet again.

In March 2020 the British people were ordered to stay at home, to protect the NHS, and save lives. But in reality the evidence suggests that the British people were ordered to stay at home, so the NHS could give midazolam to the elderly and vulnerable and pretend that they were Covid-19 deaths.

Now the authorities are about to play this whole game again, this time under the guise of the alleged Omicron Covid-19 variant.

On the 12th November 2021, the UK Governments Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) published a tender inviting suppliers to bid for ‘The Supply of ITY Medicines and End of Life Care Medicines for Covid-19 Preparedness’. With the description stating that the DHSC wish to “top up the stockpile holdings of Midazolam and Noradrenaline medicines in preparation for further waves of Covid-19 in Winter 2021 / Spring 2022”.

Tens of thousands of elderly and vulnerable will be forced into end of life care treatment involving the administration of Midazolam because of the policies this Government has put in place prior to Winter 2021...

Continued at link.

Midazolam was previously brought up on Defending-Gibraltar – Gibraltar Deaths After Covid Vaccine Push - #140 by Cheeky-Monkey.

Other drugs that could have been contraindication to giving them the jab were also brought up – Gibraltar Deaths After Covid Vaccine Push - #84 by Cheeky-Monkey – because the risk of pneumonia.

The UK has been criticized for removing the elderly from hospitals and isolating them in care homes to carry out measures away from prying eyes.

:gibraltar: Didn't Gibraltar do the same?

In March 2020, the Government of Gibraltar began its meaures to isolate the elderly – all under the guise of protecting them – only later to be discovered it was a covert plan to target and euthanize them, and of course, blame Covid.

16 March 2020 – Government Legislates to Protect the Elderly – The Cabinet decided, by a unanimous vote of all Ministers present, to impose a number of restrictions by law on the movement of all elderly citizens above the age of 70. The law introduces a civil penalty for anyone who fails to comply.

24 March 2020 – [Relocation of Elderly Residents from St Bernard’s Hospital] – Residents from the two ERS wards, John Cochrane and Calpe Wards will be temporarily relocated to other Elderly Residential facilities, within Bella Vista and Mount Alvernia, which have been "specially adapted to cater for their needs".

Unfortunately, it is still unknown if Gibraltar administered Midazolam and Noradrenaline medicines to its elderly. However, they did conduct a large flu jab campaign prior to it. See COVID JABS PRECEDED BY FLU JABS.

If they were receiving drugs from the NHS, as Krish Rawal said, was Midazolam one of them? – Krish Rawal revealed GHA will be essentially be PART of the NHS, when he spoke about securing VACCINES.

HMGoG did brag about having Dexamethasone in June 2020 – GHA Holds Ample Supplies of Life-Saving Drug - 402/2020."Following a medical breakthrough in UK, NHS hospitals have been advised to start using the drug Dexamethasone immediately as there are hopes that it brings a new era of treatment for the disease. The drug costs about 50p per patient per day. The GHA currently holds sufficient supplies of Dexamethasone to be able to treat over 180 patients for a 10 day course of treatment. This would be enough for a potential spike of active cases but, in order to cover all possible eventualities, the GHA is now acquiring additional stocks of the drug."

A fair question: "Were the elderly who died shortly after being jabbed also given Dexamethasone."

Dexamethasone is recommended by the National Health Service in the UK – UK Government rules out Ivermectin in favour of making billions for ‘Big Pharma’ with “new” drug to treat COVID-19 – The Expose

From the article: Note that the UK claims to have discovered dexamethasone for COVID-19, while the drug, as well as other corticosteroids, usually seen as more effective, were already widely used in other countries.

According to Professor Pierre Kory, who was the first to challenge the recommendation against corticosteroids for COVID-19, the dexamethasone dosages tested in the UK were also insufficient, yielding to sub-optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Interestingly, Gibraltar's Ministry of Propaganda published an article related to midazolam in July 2020 – 'Music medicine' can help calm nerves – research, which it pointed out that midazolam could be used as a sedative, which can have side-effects that affect breathing and blood flow. This isn't anything compared to the hit list from the Daily Expose article.

And there's this – Doctors question sedative dose used in Oklahoma execution | The Star which gives a whole new meaning to its use as a sedative before "execution".

One contraindication is "concurrent treatment with live virus vaccines including smallpox vaccine".

Also – "The safety and effectiveness of dexamethasone or other corticosteroids for COVID-19 treatment have not been sufficiently evaluated in pediatric patients and caution is warranted when extrapolating recommendations for adults to patients aged <18 years." – Keep this in mind as more and more children become ill after being shot.

Also – "Dexamethasone adverse side effects cannot be ignored. Our review will help medical professionals in the prognosis and follow-up of patients treated with dexamethasone. In addition, given that a considerable amount of uncertainty, confusion and even controversy still exist, further studies and more clinical trials are urgently needed to improve our understanding of the parameters and the effects of dexamethasone on patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection" – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8298044/

Another drug in question is Remdesivir. Was Remdesivir part of Gibraltar's arsenal?

We must understand the complications of trusting witch doctors – "In Paul’s Letter to the Galatians Ch. 5:20 the Greek word Pharmakeia was originally translated into English as witchcraft, to try to hide its true meaning of pharmacy, and likewise Simon the Witch was translated as Simon the Sorcerer/Magician, because he had been using witchcraft/ pharmacy to bewitch and deceive people into believing that he was a great healer, just like modern-day pharmacists do.." – Life or Death: Pharmaceutical “Plandemic” Poisonous Vaccines, or the Healing of the Holy Spirit – Your choice

By August 2020 – the HMGoG further targeted and isolated the elderly – ERS Step up COVID-19 Safeguarding Measures - 545/2020

In January 2021 – HMGog had secured the poisonous jabs and began with their first targets – the elderly and vulnerable.

Isn't it interesting how there seems to be a dual-label to those identified as suspectible of getting covid? Because they are supectible to having adverse reactions to jabs too. :thinking:

The rest is history – Gibraltar Deaths After Covid Vaccine Push.

Will History Repeat Itself this Winter 2021-2022? It's looking like things are getting "dark" again, wouldn't you say?

View also:

Attorney Clare Wills Harrison warning about the plan to use more midazolam this winter:


The Gibraltar government and its Ministry of Propaganda continue to ramp up FEAR about OMICRON-OMICRON-OMICRON

Gibraltar covid panic as the Rock reaches worrying milestone - Omicron cases on the rise

Gibraltar records 124 new Covid-19 cases

Hospital steps up Covid posture to amber, new testing procedures in place

The ERS Is Being Targeted AGAIN – Deja-Vu

Major outbreak in ERS as 74 residents and staff test positive for Covid

There are has been a major outbreak of Covid-19 in the Elderly Residential Services, with residents and staff from Mount Alvernia, the Jewish Home and John Mackintosh Home affected.

A spokesman said the workers are being PCR tested three times weekly.

They are tested with the rapid Antigen tests at commencement of each shift at the entrance of the all ERS premises this includes Nursing staff and Industrial workers.

In addition to the PCR screening programme, ERS have introduced Antigen testing (LFD Innova), which is carried out on all residents and staff on a daily basis at each shift before entry to the premises.


Is Another Elderly Death Wave Incoming?

And it will all be blamed on OMICRON-OMICRON-OMICRON.

Time will tell.

Omicron has been used as a cover for vaccine failure

Investigation – UK Gov. / SAGE document admits the Covid-19 Vaccines will lead to a variant that kills 35% of people because the jabs do not prevent infection or transmission

Nobel Prize Winner Reveals - Covid Vaccine is ‘Creating Variants’


Gibraltar was warned to brace for 2022 -

Mount Alvernia, the home of many residents living with Dementia and the largest residential care home for the elderly.

The GHA has cancelled operations and restricted visits to a long-term ward against the backdrop of continued community spread of Covid-19, with seven cases also now reported in facilities managed by the Elderly Residential Service.

The Gibraltar Government confirmed there were three in the Jewish Home and four in Mount Alvernia.

All seven, who are fully vaccinated and stable, are being cared for in isolated areas by teams that do not interact with non-infected residents and the rest of the staff. Close contacts are in quarantine in their own rooms.

A rigorous swabbing and screening program continues to operate for both staff members and visitors entering St Bernard’s Hospital.

Last January 2021 - déjà vu

THE Gibraltar Government has announced that a major outbreak of Covid-19 infection has hit its Elderly Residential Service (ERS).

There are currently a total of 48 residents who have tested positive of whom 39 are at Mount Alvernia, four at the Jewish Home and five at the John Macintosh Home.


The GHA is inviting a small number of immunocompromised patients to receive a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. These individuals were identified by their doctors in the autumn as having the ability to benefit from a third primary dose of the vaccine before a booster dose.

A statement continued: “The reason for offering a third primary dose was because people with weakened immune systems need a third dose to help them to develop a good antibody response to protect them from disease. They are now being invited for a booster dose, which will be the fourth vaccination against COVID-19 that this group will receive.

“The GHA is not offering a fourth dose to the wider population at this time but keeping this under active review.

“COVID-19 vaccine clinics are available every night this week at the main Primary Care Centre. Walk-ins will be accepted between 5:00pm and 7:30pm, whilst pre-booked appointments will take place between 5:00pm and 8:00pm. Anyone who has not yet received a COVID-19 booster should register their interest here: Registration for the Pfizer Booster – Gibraltar Health Authority

Director of Public Health, Dr Helen Carter, said: ‘It is important for individuals who had 3 primary doses of the vaccine to take up the offer of a 4th dose of the vaccine as a booster. The GHA is in the process of telephoning people inviting them to attend for vaccination and I would strongly encourage everyone to attend because the vaccine is protecting people against the potential severe consequences of the disease, including hospitalisation. Doctors reviewed the lists of their patients before the launch of the booster program and identified a small number of patients who may have been severely immunocompromised at the time they had their first and second doses of vaccine who had the ability to benefit from a third primary dose in line with the JCVI guidance. It is now time for these individuals to be offered a booster dose.’

Minister for Health, Samantha Sacramento said: ‘I am pleased that the GHA is able to offer a carefully selected groups of patients a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, especially considering the high levels of circulating virus in Gibraltar at this time.’

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Pfizer’s Power over Gibraltar – is it really any different than in other places?

This question was posed on the post from yesterday inquiring about a DEAL that Gibraltar has with Pfizer – What DEAL does GIBRALTAR have with PFIZER? Understanding this deal could explain everything.

The GHA is targeting the immunocompromised with a 4th dose.

This is exactly what Pfizer said to do:Pfizer propaganda targets the immunocompromised

A new study conducted by Pfizer researchers found that breakthrough COVID-19 cases are more common and severe in people with weakened immune systems. Breakthrough infections are those that occur in vaccinated people.

They analyzed nearly 1.2 million records from the HealthVerity database and published their findings in the Journal of Medical Economics.

The researchers found that immunocompromised vaccinated people were three times more likely to contract COVID-19. While immunocompromised people only represented 18 percent of those studied, they accounted for over 38 percent of infections, nearly six in 10 hospitalizations and all the deaths.

Big Pharma claims booster shots provide “additional protectionImmunocompromised individuals NOT producing antibodies even after receiving COVID-19 booster doses – NaturalNews.com

Big Pharma claims that booster shots are necessary because some individuals require “additional protection” against the coronavirus to prevent hospitalizations and deaths, but a lot of people don’t need the extra shots.

Additionally, experts claim that “vaccine protection is waning more significantly over time” than they expected two months ago. This means that the odds of breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people who have potentially serious symptoms are increasing.

Instead of saying that vaccines don’t offer full protection against COVID-19, Big Pharma insists people should get booster shots approved for maximum profit.

Many studies have revealed that the experimental mRNA vaccine and booster shots aren’t enough to protect citizens, especially people who are immunocompromised. In fact, those with compromised immune systems might even be more susceptible to adverse reactions to the vaccine.

While the advice comes through other complicit entities like JVCI, it is Pfizer calling the shots. Thus, Gibraltar is entrusting the health of the people to Pfizer, in parallel to what the State of Israel has done and is still doing.

Pfizer has been found guilty of putting profits over people; and it is making a killing off these poisons.

Do :gibraltar: Gibraltarians want to so willingly trust Pfizer just because agents in the GHA and government are dissiminating Pfizer's propaganda on The Rock?

From Your Gibraltar's TV article above:

"A statement continued: “The reason for offering a third primary dose was because people with weakened immune systems need a third dose to help them to develop a good antibody response to protect them from disease.

Helen Carter said, "I would strongly encourage everyone to attend because the vaccine is protecting people against the potential severe consequences of the disease, including hospitalisation.

This is propaganda to get a targeted group to take more poisons. Evidence is proving the exact oppposite of what they are falsely claiming. Instead of listening to health officials and authorities who have gotten in bed with Pfizer, get the real facts from experts who have been warning us for months.

The GHA and Helen Carter cannot prove their claims.

Doctors for Covid Ethics:

The vaccines are dangerous to both healthy individuals and those with pre-existing chronic disease, for reasons such as the following: risk of lethal and non-lethal disruptions of blood clotting including bleeding disorders, thrombosis in the brain, stroke and heart attack; autoimmune and allergic reactions; antibody-dependent enhancement of disease.

Contrary to claims that blood disorders post-vaccination are “rare”, many common vaccine side effects (headaches, nausea, vomiting and haematoma-like “rashes” over the body) may indicate thrombosis and other severe abnormalities. Moreover, vaccine-induced diffuse micro-thromboses in the lungs can mimic pneumonia and may be misdiagnosed as COVID-19. Clotting events currently receiving media attention are likely just the “tip of a huge iceberg”: The vaccines are not safe.

Since vaccine roll-out, COVID-19 incidence has risen in numerous areas with high vaccination rates. Furthermore, multiple series of COVID-19 fatalities have occurred shortly after the onset vaccinations in senior homes. These cases may have been due not only to antibody-dependent enhancement but also to a general immunosuppressive effect of the vaccines. Regardless of the exact mechanism responsible for these reported deaths, we must expect that the vaccines will increase rather than decrease lethality of COVID-19 — the vaccines are not safe.

Dr. Arne Burkhardt:

There’s evidence showing the elderly — who are most vulnerable to severe COVID-19 and would (supposedly) need the vaccine the most — are also the most vulnerable to ADE and Th2 immunopathology – THE BIGGEST EXPERIMENT EVER DONE. It Will Decimate World Population (Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi)

Dr. Burkhardt found autoimmune self-attack in the tissues of these organs by killer T-lymphocytes, in ages 28 to 90. In all deaths they found the same pathological findings. The only common denominator in all these people was the genocide Covid jab, a gene based therapy, which caused spike protein damage to tissue – Gibraltar Deaths After Covid Vaccine Push - #58 by Cheeky-Monkey

Dr. Peter McCullough:

The cardiologist added that the vaccines are especially dangerous for the elderly and also other people from vulnerable groups, including those who are immunocompromised.

He said that studies carried out in CARE HOMES in Europe revealed that at least 40 percent of deaths were LINKED to the jabs.

McCullough said: “We now know it’s the seniors who die with the vaccine … 50 percent of these deaths occur within 48 hours, 80 percent within a week.”

He added that some vaccine recipients suffered from serious adverse reactions, which often were followed by death within a day or two. According to the doctor, many people are dying from cardiopulmonary collapse due to their body’s overwhelming production of the spike protein, whilst others are dying from a thromboembolic or blood clot-related death within a few weeks of getting vaccinated. He said in these cases it’s very clear that the jabs are responsible for the deaths.

Back to what was in the YGTV article:

These individuals were identified by their doctors in the autumn as having the ability to benefit from a third primary dose of the vaccine before a booster dose.

Carter: ‘It is important for individuals who had 3 primary doses of the vaccine to take up the offer of a 4th dose of the vaccine as a booster.

Confused at what is a third dose or booster? These explain the razzle-dazzle:

  1. At the time, the third dose was considered a “booster.” Now, the third dose is considered part of the primary series of shots, and the fourth dose is recognized as the new booster. The CDC already expanded booster eligibility requirements to include people with mental illness. Depression and mood disorders now qualify for third and fourth injections. IT NEVER ENDS: CDC quietly green-lights FOURTH covid injection for immunocompromised – NaturalNews.com

  2. At the time, the third dose was considered a “booster.” Now, the third dose is considered part of the primary series of shots, and the fourth dose is recognized as the new booster. – IT NEVER ENDS: CDC quietly green-lights FOURTH covid injection for immunocompromised – NaturalNews.com

It also is evidence all this is coordinated – Pfizer is calling the shots all over the world through the CDC, JVCI – right down to the :gibraltar: GHA.

Let's look some more at the parallels of what is happening in Gibraltar with the :israel: State of Israel (which was the first to implement a 4th dose):

Four-ever: Israel mulls fourth vaccine shot for immunocompromised patients:

The panel advising Israel’s Ministry of Health will be discussing the possibility of giving yet another booster vaccine shot for immunocompromised patients. Several studies have shown that certain categories of patients with weakened immune systems were much less likely to develop antibodies after two doses compared to the general population.

Cyrille Cohen, head of the immunology lab at Bar-Ilan University said, "Immunosuppressed patients got their third vaccine already almost six months ago... It is not a bad idea to offer them another booster, since they are at high risk. It is hard to know if it is going to help unless the procedure is carried out."

Wouldn't you call this a trial (and error) procedure?

Please review What DEAL does GIBRALTAR have with PFIZER? Understanding this deal could explain everything, because The State of Israel and Gibraltar signed up their populations to these TRIALS – AND they are ongoing.

According to Cohen, most of the side effects associated with the Pfizer vaccine are connected to an overreaction of the immune system, so he believes that additional shots should not be an issue for patients whose immune systems do not react strongly enough.

But Cohen cautioned that not all immunosuppressed patients can be considered the same way.

Pay attention to what's happening in the State of Israel, because it happens there before it happens in Gibraltar (which may have to do with similar contracts with Pfizer).

An agreement to HIDE the adverse reactions for 10 or 30 years is a long time.

Dr. Robert Malone: “Pfizer and Israel Made Agreement to HIDE Covid-19 Vaccine Adverse Reactions for 10 YEARS”

“This is key to understanding “what the heck is going on”. Apparently in Israel, I am told by an Israeli scientist, the agreement between Pfizer and the government is that no adverse events from the vax are to be disclosed for a minimum of 10 years.”

Israel is currently dealing with a wave of breakthrough cases, which has seen the hospitals overrun by fully vaccinated people.

Israel was the first country to implement a large-scale booster shot program for people aged 60 and up who have already been fully vaccinated with the Covid-19 jab. This program was only announced at the end of July, and early data is beginning to trickle in.

According to official data, Israel is considered to have the world’s highest vaccination rates, with 5.3 million of its populations having been jabbed with two doses of the vaccine. Just two weeks ago, headlines declared that the country had reached ‘herd immunity – only for the headlines to then give way to reports of the alarming rise of breakthrough cases.

Just over a week ago, elderly Israelis began receiving the third booster shot, therefor “early results” have only begun coming in, appearing to show that the vaccine is doing more harm than good.

{Sound familar :gibraltar: Gibraltar?}

Additional articles of interest:

Some Israelis Getting 3rd COVID “Booster” Shot Now Have COVID and Are Hospitalized

World’s Elderly Population Targeted with 3rd COVID-19 Shot for Those Who Survived the First Two

Why would a vaccine programme target the old, weak and vulnerable? The primary targets:

  • Older adults resident in care homes
  • Adults 65 years and older
  • The Vulnerable
  • Persons with underlying health conditions
  • The immunocompromised


The next group they are coming for – People with Mental Illnesses like depression and mood disorders (undesirables who can't cope and become burdens on socieities).

The CDC already expanded booster eligibility requirements to include people with mental illness. Depression and mood disorders now qualify for third and fourth injections.– IT NEVER ENDS: CDC quietly green-lights FOURTH covid injection for immunocompromised – NaturalNews.com

Watch out Gibraltar because Mental Health is a major focus now:

Staggering increase as Gibraltar Childline finds 60% of contacts related to mental health – Will all these children become eligible for boosters?

Interim Director General of the GHA, Professor Patrick Geoghegan has been instrumental in the development and initial roll out of the Gibraltar National Mental Health strategy – Government announces major reform for health services with seven point plan called ‘Reset, Restart and Recover’ - Health Ministry to move out of hospital - #2 by Cloudcity

Those targeted for destruction under Nazi eugenics policies were largely people living in private and state-operated institutions, identified as "life unworthy of life".

They included:

  • Prisoners
  • Social degenerates
  • Dissidents
  • People with congenital cognitive (Disabilities affecting intellectual abilities)
  • Physical disabilities
  • People who were considered to be feeble-minded

In fact being diagnosed with "feeblemindedness" was the main label approved in forced sterilization, which included people who were diagnosed by a doctor as, or otherwise seemed to be:

  • Epileptic
  • Schizophrenic
  • Manic-depressive
  • Cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy and/or blind
  • Sexually Perverse
  • Anyone else consider to be idle, insane, and/or weak as per "feeblemindedness"

All these were targeted for elimination from the chain of heredity. More than 400,000 people were sterilized against their will], while up to 300,000 were killed under the Aktion T4 Euthanasia program.