Inside The Rock – A Series by British Forces News

British Forces News presents a 3-part series about what's inside The Rock. It explores the history of the tunnels and what they are used for today.

Episode 1: Gibraltar: What's inside The Rock?

From the outside, the rock of Gibraltar is a spectacular sight, but inside it’s even more intriguing. Over the centuries, a network of 34 miles of tunnels have been excavated (there are more roads inside the rock than outside in Gibraltar!) and there are more than 150 known caves inside. In the first of our exclusive series on the Rock of Gibraltar, Hannah King has gone underground to discover what’s inside.

Episode 2: Gibraltar: The Rock's WW2 and gambling secrets

What secrets is the iconic Rock of Gibraltar hiding? Over the centuries, a 34-mile network of tunnels has been carved inside it – mostly during times of war. During WW2, an entire garrison was built inside - 16,500 soldiers living inside the lump of limestone. In the second episode of our exclusive series, Hannah King has been exploring some of the unusual uses that have been found for the wartime tunnels.

Episode 3: Gibraltar: Forgotten guns and underground secrets

A former gunner in Gibraltar has made it his mission to try to restore Gibraltar’s forgotten guns. In this third episode of our exclusive series on the Rock of Gibraltar, Hannah King met the men who want to preserve the military heritage of the rock, and save its old weapons.

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Alfie Davis, who was featured in Episode 3 above, is featured in this new BFBS video:

How to fire a 9.2-inch gun from on top of the Rock of Gibraltar

It has been almost half a century since the sound of the guns last rang out across Gibraltar, and Alfie Davis, formerly of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, was the last man to have fired one of them.

The 9.2-inch guns are perched atop the Rock of Gibraltar, with plans launched this year to restore one of them.

The guns were never used in anger, even during wartime, but they were fired regularly in training, in preparation for an attack.

Click on the link to view it - it's not up on their YT Channel yet.

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Defending Gibraltar WW2

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