Independent Science on the Effects of EMF Radiation on Human Health

Robert O Young CPC, MSc, DSc, PhD, Naturopathic Practitioner – June 29 Updated Sept 5th, 2022**

Long-term exposure to wireless radiation is a proven health hazard. 5G puts your privacy, security, safety and property values at risk.

“Putting in tens of millions of antennae without a single test of biological safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has ever had.” -Martin Pall, PhD, Bioscientist, Washington State Univ.

“We can no longer assume that any current or future wireless technology, including 5G, is safe without adequate testing.” -Dr. Ronald Melnick, PhD, U.S. Toxicology Program

“We’re kind of flying blind [with 5G] here, so far as health and safety is concerned.” -U. S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT)

There are more than 1,000 scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world concerning the biological effects of RF radiation. Here we present some of the most recent.

  1. Effects on Fetal and Newborn Development
  2. Effects on Young Children

III. Brain Tumors

  1. Parotid Gland Tumors
  2. Other Malignancies
  3. Effects on DNA

VII. Neurological/Cognitive Effects

VIII. Effects on Male Fertility

  1. Electromagnetic Sensitivity
  2. Effects on Implanted Medical Devices
  3. 5G Effects

XII Miscellaneous Articles

Continues …



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David Steele 5G Expert - "The antenna design can be up to 100,000 times more powerful than 4G"

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U.S. Stockpiles $290 Million in NIH-Funded Radiation Sickness Drug

Breaking! Investigation on the FCC Protecting Wireless Companies

Breaking News: ProPublica just published a major investigation into how the FCC is shielding wireless companies' issues regarding health, safety and the environment!

In the report, investigative journalist and senior reporter Peter Elkind covers everything from the Pittsfield Massachusetts Board of Health Order regarding the Verizon Cell Tower, the National Toxicology Program animal study finding cancer and DNA damage and how the U.S. FCC human exposure limits for cell phones, cell towers and wireless radiation are decades out of date.

Elkind interviews numerous experts, including those who used to work at the FCC and US government agencies, all of whom are cautioning that the science has linked exposure to harmful effects and safety is not assured.

“We’re really in the middle of a paradigm shift,” said Linda Birnbaum, who was director of the National Toxicology Program until 2019. It’s no longer right to assume cellphones are safe, she said. “Protective policy is needed today. We really don’t need more science to know that we should be reducing exposures.”

The article features the Environmental Health Trust et al. lawsuit against the FCC which found that "the FCC had failed to meet “even the low threshold of reasoned analysis” in finding that its limits “adequately protect against the harmful effects of exposure to radiofrequency radiation unrelated to cancer.”

The article also highlights EHT's database on international policy action and the Wyoming Governor Marc Gordon's letter to the FCC calling for "immediate action as directed by the courts to review the research and update any policies as necessary for the health and wellbeing of all citizens, including the most vulnerable, our children."



CHD Plans Lawsuit After Los Angeles County Approves Fast-Tracking of Wireless Towers

Children’s Health Defense plans to sue the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors after the board on Tuesday passed two ordinances allowing for the fast-tracked proliferation of wireless infrastructure without due process and without residents’ right to appeal.