Humans Being Blamed for Dwindling Food Supply


Humans • Shipping • Tourism – all under attack - with this latest headline:

Unceasing Human Attacks on the Source of 80% of Food, 98% of Oxygen

The Marxist are now blaming the world's food supply shortages on humans, not their own greed - their industrial activities for decades and production houses; deforestation, farms replaced with windmills & solar panels, you know, everything they've gotten rich from and plan to get rich from.

Nor are they saying anything about their engineered food shortages.

Several human-caused threats lay behind the current annual loss of up to 40% of food crops globally, mainly due to plant pests and the introduction of alien species.

Among them stands the massive international travel and trade business, which has been associated with the introduction and spread of so many pests.

Most of them are being brought by human activities such as giant cargo ships, oil tankers, touristic cruisers, and even medium and small fishing boats.

While it is obvious humans do not take care of the planet - this "new report" seems like another opportunity for them to put everyone under HOUSE ARREST. No one is going to be able to go anywhere.

From Babylon to the New World Order.

Well, that's my take on it.

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