How to Hyperlink King of kings' Bible Verses

Specific verses can be hyperlinked on Defending Gibraltar by highlighting the verse and then applying the hyperlink function.


Highlight the verse with the cursor - Genesis 49:10
Select the hyperlink icon - hyperlink icon

highlight verse - click link icon

The "insert hyperlink" window will popup.

Paste in or enter the url, press OK.

hyperlink window

Here's a Reference Guide on how to make the specific url:

King of kings' Bible Hyperlink Guide.pdf (144.7 KB)

But it's basically the main url to the Bible
Followed by the book number (chronological order)
Book name - specific abbreviation (given in PDF Guide - it must contain this abbrev.).
Then the chaper and verse are entered preceded by a hashtag and underscore.
No spaces in the url.

If you use the PDF Guide to copy and paste the book-url, all you'll need to add is the #chapter_verse to the end.

Without the book-name-abbreviation, such as "eph" for Ephesians, the link won't work.

Examples for reference:

Ezekiel 21:26 would be

Ephesians 4:29 would be

1 John 3:2 would be


These specific urls can be applied in Word, or other documents, as well as on other websites for sharing.

The book abbreviations can be found on the PDF Guide or on the ASK Disk in the Bible Folder.


highlight verse - click link icon

Clarification for DG - If you highlight the verse and select the link icon, your verse will look like this on DG:

Genesis 48:10
The verse is easily read and hyperlinked.


the html code, which is a bit harder to read-

html code


Thank-you kindly.

On DG - In edit mode a hyperlink also looks like this:

In Brackets [ ] is the word that will be hyperlinked, which in this case is Genesis 49:10 - [Genesis 49:10]

Immediately following is the url in Paratheses ( ), which in this case is the specific hyperlink.

Notice there are NO spaces.

This is useful if you need to make an edit; or check to see why a link isn't working.