How to Capture a Thumbnail Image 📋

DG and many other sites call up an IMAGE-EXCERPT-BOX using just the url.

An Example:

This url in the edit window -

Will look like this Image/excerpt/box published below -

It's automatically generated, which happens on most sites, especially social media.

While many know this, did you know how to capture the thumbnail-image within the Image/excerpt/box?

Take for instance The Stone image with the Ezekiel scripture in the box/window above.

cursor over image


Mac - Hold down the "control" on your keypad, :arrow_upper_left: place the cursor:point_up_2:over the stone-image and click.
PC - Right-click it while your cursor is over the image.


Select "copy image" from the pop-up menu, which loads it in your clipboard.


Place your cursor where you want the image to be pasted.
On DG, you will place your cursor in the edit window.


Mac - Hold down the "control" on your keypad, and click/select "paste".
PC - Right-click, select paste.

This is what happens. DG will place a larger version of the image -

A side-by-side comparison of the edit window and published window -

So why is this useful?

1 - It makes a small image larger and easy to read/see :eyes::

2 - When you share a DG-specific-link on other social media sites, this image, the one you copied and pasted, will automatically be used/generated as the thumbnail.

3 - Plus, if you like an image you can copy and paste it elsewhere.


Most of the time the first image used in a post is the generated thumbnail on other sites, but not always; sometimes it will default to another image if you place more than one image, or to the DG-logo image. Choose your image carefully and place it strategically. This means there's no need to have loads of images in most circumstances; just a main one.