How They Will Make the COVID Vaccine Appear to be Working

According to Jon Rappoport, after a suitable period of time, the elite medical planners will change the way the PCR test is done.

The number of cycles will be drastically reduced.

(The number of “cycles” for which the test is set is a key factor. When you blow up that tissue sample above 34 cycles, you get gigantic numbers of false-positive results, even by the standards of the test. This has been done to create many so-called "positives".)

So when they lower the number of cycles, it means that far fewer positive test results will occur.

Therefore, the trend of “new COVID cases” will stop rising. It will level off, and then it will fall.

This rigging will be heralded as proof that that vaccine is producing a victory over the virus.

There is another strategy: change the definition of “a case of COVID.” Make the new definition, in terms of clinical symptoms, more restrictive.