How much more are we willing to allow our bodies to be invaded? (Gibraltarian suffers after jab)


Are we in a pickle? Yes, I’m afraid some of us are. I recall that some time back the Gibraltar health authority was saying that if there were people with underlying health issues they would not be expected to have the Covid vaccine.

However, when it was someone's time to go for her second jab, she was attended to by a very nice young nurse who, on being asked by the patient if any of her underlying issues would be a problem, said 'no no, you’ll be alright.`

But the truth is that she was not alright.

After her second vaccine, all the pain she had been suffering from on previous years which had lain dormant of late, came back to haunt her like a vengeance; as if the vaccine had woken it up.

The comment was 'poor thing; she must be one of the unlucky ones.'