How Much Change Does Gibraltar Want: Sohail Bhatti, Vaccines, Aborted Babies, Covid19

:green_circle: DOT 1: Bhatti The Vaxxer

Gibraltar’s Director of Public Health is pro-vaccination, but most likely anyone given this position would be.

Given how Sohail Bhatti came across in GBC’s interview, one might think he was hired to do data-collection, something Gibraltar has been lacking in. But data collection on existing issues seems to be on the backburner, as his efforts have focused on helping Gibraltar facilitate a response to the COVID crisis.

In the interview, Bhatti appeared harmless enough, but he could very well be a wolf in sheep’s clothing complete with a sheepish grin. It might have been coincidental that he was in position before the COVID crisis hit, but don’t underestimate Bhatti.

Bhatti covid19 vaccine tweet

He is not only pro-vaccination; he is calculating. Bhatti’s tweet “asking if children should be allowed in school” was a TEST . He was testing Gibraltarians to see how much resistance there would be to the idea of compulsory vaccines . So while his moves on the surface seem innocent enough, they have hidden agendas.

A. Bhatti knows this type of testing works. He’s done it before with the help of local media:

This article received 233 comments.


Dr Sohail Bhatti, a director of one of the largest health trusts in Britain, said the draconian measure was the only way to ensure higher uptake of the vaccine.

Dr Bhatti, director of public health at East Lancashire Primary Care Trust, said parents had a "responsibility" to ensure their children were immunised.

Dr Bhatti, a GP who has advised several PCTs on public health initiatives, is now trying to negotiate school admission changes with Lancashire County Council to include the jab amongst the criteria.

It's what happens in France. There, you can't be admitted to school unless you show your vaccination certificate.

“We have a responsibility to ensure children are immunised.”

Read also: East Lancs doctor: ban non-MMR-vaccinated kids from school


A top health expert has proposed that all children should be required to have the MMR vaccine before they start nursery and school.

Dr Sohail Bhatti, interim director of public health at NHS East Lancashire, said during a meeting of the board that making the change could tackle the low uptake of the MMR jab in East Lancashire.

His suggestion followed a comment from another board member that in France it is policy for nurseries to only accept children if they have been immunized (read vaccinated).

B. Bhatti supports MMR and Rubella Vaccines

City of York Council’s Interim Consultant in Public Health, Dr Sohail Bhatti said: “This research shows the importance of getting our children vaccinated and the implications if we don’t. I would urge parents in York to do the best by their children and ensure they receive the MMR vaccine to protect them against measles, as well as mumps and rubella.

“If children are not vaccinated against measles they run a much higher chance of getting the disease which means their immune memory could be destroyed. They are then more likely to get other diseases when the symptoms and consequences can be much more severe.”

PDF: City of York Council (Health and Wellbeing Board,11 March, 2015)

C. Bhatti supports older people getting the flu vaccine:

1. "Often we are the only ones asking fundamental questions: the winter bed crisis in hospitals wasn't solved by spending more money on opening more wards, but by vaccinating older people against the 'flu'."

2. Don't forget your flu jab

Some people have a high risk of developing serious complications from flu. We would encourage these people to get the jab as soon as possible, before the flu season starts. Pregnant women risk complications for themselves or their babies so it’s strongly advised they get immunised, the vaccine is safe at any stage of pregnancy.

:yellow_circle: DOT 2: The Push for Compulsory Vaccines

A. T.H.E.Y. and their Fourth Reich aren’t going to stop until vaccines are compulsory. T.H.E.Y. gather information about anti-vaxxers and slander them to quell the movement.

Please read how they strategize in “EU Planning "Vaccination Passport" Since 2018; Report” on ZeroHedge:

The endpoint of the Roadmap is, among many other things, to introduce a “common vaccination card/passport” for all EU citizens.

  • “Examine the feasibility of developing a common vaccination-card/passport for EU citizens
  • “Develop EU guidance for establishing comprehensive electronic immunization information systems for effective monitoring of immunization programmes.”
  • overcome the legal and technical barriers impeding the interoperability of national immunisation information systems”

B. The COVertID2019 plan is probably just another step closer to getting the public to buy into compulsory vaccines; and if a population doesn't, then the governments will use force with the backing of the medical industry and Big Pharma.

Don’t let your politicians fool you either, they are on board with this NWO Agenda. Why would they plan to tie the vaccination certification in with easing restrictions and travel?

We’ve learned that Krish Rawal will push a COVertID2019 vaccine when he said GHA was essentially part of NHS, which would secure that vaccines and medicines were available for Gibraltar.

C. Get ready for them to enact legislation: it’s in the pipelines.

And look what else is the pipelines – COVIPASS:

If you don’t want compulsory vaccines in Gibraltar, you must resist and be proactive. Gathering information can work both ways.

These self-made kings need exposing and dethroning. They have been paid nicely to implement the NWO Agenda in Gibraltar. Yes, Gibraltar has NWO lackeys – and most of the time they are dressed as tie-fighters. And the storm troopers (aka uniformed officers) do their bidding.

:brown_circle: DOT 3: Bhatti The Fixer

If you look at Bhatti’s Linked-in page, you’ll notice he stays in his positions for a short time; many times just as a consultant. A consultant for what? Change . Bhatti The Fixer is also a Change-Agent. Read between the lines.

bhatti linkedin
Sohail Bhatti on LinkedIn

Bhatti helps facilitate change. He’s in Gibraltar to help Change it.

Examine his record. He was assigned to facilitate the uptake in vaccines in East Lancashire. And he suggested measures to include knocking on people’s doors and texting parents . How far would he go in Gibraltar to make sure everyone received the Covid19 vaccine?

Read again: East Lancashire doctor: ban non-MMR kids from school in the Lancashire Telegraph linked above.

Bhatti said he was discussing 'radical' ways to protect more children against measles, mumps and rubella. Dr Bhatti said he was negotiating a change in school admission policies.

Dr Bhatti said, “If you like it's a radical idea, but I feel an appropriate suggestion for East Lancashire is that we change nurseries and schools admission policies so parents realise they have a due diligence responsibility for not infecting their children and their friends' children (and give them autism as well - ed.).

“We are negotiating to create a fail-safe service where health visitors will go out and knock on people's doors to ensure the children are vaccinated.”

It’s looking like his name, instead of being Sohail Bhatti, should more appropriately be Sieg Heil Bhatti, with his Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele doctrines and forced medical experiments on innocent victims.

SIDENOTE: PHE has looked, for a long time, at how to use technology. PHE had a digital strategy that set out the vision for the future, while the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service also provided support and expertise. See:

PDF: Using digital technology to improve the public’s health

:red_circle: DOT 4: Bhatti The Lab Technician

Despite the fact that he gets around, maybe he plans to retire in sunny Gibraltar. Take his involvement in the University of Gibraltar for instance.

Nice perk for the job:

Dr Sohail Bhatti, Director of Public Health in Gibraltar is the Head of the School of Postgraduate Medicine

In less than two years, his job which probably included running statistical data and creating models on cancers and their causations, plus other health issues of high-incident on the Rock has turned into creating a lab a the University of Gibraltar specifically for Covid19, which began in March 2020:

University hosts temporary Ophthalmic Clinic

And in only a few short months November 2019, Bhatti has now established a postgraduate medical program for research ­– the one that will do all the COVID testing for the whole of Gibraltar. Was this fortuitous coincidence, or foreknowledge that the Covid-19 was planned for now?:

University lab plays key role in Gibraltar’s Covid-19 response

:orange_circle: DOT 5: Bhatti The Tracker

To a “researcher” like Bhatti, using technology to track and trace would be the icing on the cake, so to speak. And no doubt, he is looking forward to the contact tracing being implemented in Gibraltar. Please see this thread for more information on contact-tracing:

What you might not realize is he believes in tracking individuals. Take his opinion in Hounslow, where he supported psychological reminders for criminals who had been tagged with GPS tracking:

Dr Sohail Bhatti suggested that the psychological impact of wearing the tag can be prolonged by providing the offenders with a rubber band to replace the tag after its removal, which would act as a constant reminder that the offender was being ‘watched’ and may continue to deter them from reoffending.

Hounslow Board Minutes (12 November 2013)

bhatti robot dog tweet
Just like a wolf, he cleverly hides behind his posts. Bhatti gave us a clue on his post featuring the BBC article about Spot the Robot-Dog, herding sheep. Is he planning to help herd sheeple?

His knowledge of tracking down people using technology shouldn’t go unnoticed. Does he think he was that clever in disguising the introduction of robot-herding (tech surveillance) using this BBC article instead of one where Spot the Robot Dog was used for social distancing in Singapore?

What interests Bhatti: but more importantly, what is he really telling Gibraltar in advance?

:green_circle: DOT 6: Bhatti The Death Doctor

His dire warnings have earned him a reputation of being known as Dr. Death.

Terrifying the nation is not the idea behind daily Covid-19 briefings!

But again he is very clever and may be testing the waters, getting public reactions to future events. As a change-agent , he is probably privy to knowledge about a second planned wave.

The first wave was a drill, where Gibraltar politicians, uniformed officers, heath officials, and business executives performed a live exercise known as Event 201, which Gibraltar is slowing coming out of – They are all prepared for the second wave – which is being predicted at least locally to include actual deaths.

Once the lockdown is lifted, if it ever gets that far, look for it to raise its ugly head again.

As you are hearing it from more than one source:

"This is not the end of the pandemic. We need to be prepared to press the button (again)." – Watch:

Look for the vaccine and vaccine certification to be touted as the solution to let you out of the Dystopian prison, like the COVIPASS.

The population was also being Beta-tested. How much draconian measures would you accept; and for how long?

Make no mistake: Depopulation is on the Satanic NWO Agenda. This first crisis saw the deaths of the elderly, who have drained the public health system, and their deaths mean there is no need to pay their pensions. Vaccinating the children will sterilize them.

Do you think Gibraltar is going to escape any Satanic sacrifices?

Death is coming.

And Bhatti has proven to be “effective” in a crisis:

NOTE: You can probably expect the GOG’s public inquiry in how they handled the Covid Crisis to be full of kudos and self-praise, while criticism will be worded in a way that can be viewed as “positive”. Wait for it – applause please. Besides, every live exercise/drill receives an evaluation. THE GOG is repackaging it as a “public inquiry”.

:red_circle: DOT 7: Gibraltar & Vaccines

If you are an anti-vaxxer, you know that they are associated with all kinds of illnesses from autism to Kawasaki Disease. What does one expect when they inject mercury and other poisons into bodies. Big Pharma needed change-agents and legislation, because public knowledge of the harm caused by vaccines was taking its toll on the industry’s profits. They had to relabel those who were against vaccines as those who had “vaccine hesitancy”.

A. If you want to know more about dangers of vaccines that are given in Gibraltar, do research on them.

Public Health Gibraltar Vaccinations

Public Health Gibraltar Infections

B. Take the HPV vaccine. Here is Gibrltar’s 2019 stats on those who received it:

Source: GHA PDF – Females vaccinated for HPV (Cervical Cancer) in 2019

Reconcile that with the real story of Bill Gates HPV vaccines:

In-depth review of The HPV Vaccine on Trial: Seeking Justice for a Generation Betrayed

Or this well-made documentary:

Manufactured Crisis: HPV, Hype & Horror

"What we found was shocking examples of corporate greed, scientific malfeasance, governmental complicity and human tragedy.”

(see also Is HPV a ‘Manufactured Crisis?’ A New Documentary Explores Just That).

Cervical cancer is not an epidemic. They are sterilizing the young for population control.

If you think Bill Gates doesn’t have his grubby hands in Gibraltar, you haven’t noticed the indoctrinated change-agents.

Unfortunately, third world countries get taken advantage of by Gates and the Gang who can buy politicians. Billionaire eugenicist Kill Gates, of course, who reportedly offered a $10 million bribe to the Nigerian House of Representatives, in exchange for gaining access to Nigerian children, whom he could experiment on with a new vaccine for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19):

:brown_circle: DOT 8: Vaccines & Aborted Fetuses

A. Aborted fetus material, know as HEK293 is used in the production of many vaccines, including HPV and MMR.

Source: Aborted Fetal Material Used in Vaccines and Medicines

This should make even someone who’s Pro-Choice cringe. And those who are Pro-Life would faint.

The Shocking Truth about aborted human fetal cells in vaccines

Only in a lunatic asylum would satanic-minded individuals think to use such material as a commodity or force it on others or sneak it in food products.

Avoid Products Containing Aborted Fetal Cells

It is unlikely that abortion will ever be off the table, when fetuses are used by Big Pharma in the laboratory.

B. Currently, HEK293 (an aborted fetal cell line) is being used in the development of the COVID19 vaccines. Here are examples.

1. Corona Virus Vaccines Will Contain Aborted Human Babies

Pro-lifers everywhere had better think long and hard about what they plan to do, in the event that state or local governments try to mandate vaccination for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), once a jab is commercially released, because chances are those syringes will contain the remnants of aborted babies.

What is further confounding is the fact that Canada would even agree to contract with a vaccine company based out of China, which is where this whole crisis originated. Ad5-nCoV was reportedly also co-developed by the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, which, like all other Chinese institutions, is governed and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Besides its unethical origins, the Ad5-nCoV more than likely will not even work as promised:

2. Coronavirus vaccine deployment using cells of aborted babies.

Children of God for Life, a prolife organization whose mission is to end the use of aborted fetal material in vaccines and medicines:

3. Johnson and Johnson using aborted Fetuses for corona virus.

Will the vaccine that the NHS adopts for the UK and Gibraltar contain aborted babies? :triangular_flag_on_post:

:red_circle: DOT 9: Right to Refuse Vaccines

A. No one should be forced to take vaccines against their will. You have God-given rights. Gibraltar Human Rights & Free Speech pinned a website which gives you options on how to refuse:

Freedom Taker (online resource)

B. Employing God’s help is the best solution.

Lawfully Reject Vaccine
If people followed The Law, God’s Law, there would be no diseases in man and beast.

Read the words to the New Song.

The reason you are stuck in this madhouse is that you refuse to be 100 percent on God’s Side. If The Law were being followed, God would fight your battles for you. There would be no rich people who could pay others to support their crazy ideas with secret armies and agents, because debt is cancelled every seven years and wealth redistributed every 50.

Returning to God’s Law would solve every problem in Gibraltar and the world, which Gibraltar has been told to do for years:

Read the editions of Gibraltar Messenger.



Exposing Medical Crime as WITCHCRAFT. Vaccines are Medical SORCERY.

Research The Dangers of Vaccines at VacTruth.

Here's some articles on the The MMR Vaccine from VacTruth

Japanese Government Bans MMR:

Another Research Site: Vaccine News

See also these MMR Articles at NewsTarget, like:

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While Gibraltar suffers from Dr Bhatti, Picardo looks the other way."

“Every time the public health director Dr Bhatti opens his mouth, the chief minister Fabian Picardo loses votes.”

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This is an interview of Anthony Patch from 2014 who claimed that Corona virus may come and the vaccine would be a DNA Modifier.

Agenda ID2020 of the “One World Order”: The 101 to Understanding Its Implications

[The first Spaniards to get the coronavirus vaccine: cross-border workers in Gibraltar ]

At least 270 people who work in the British Overseas Territory will be immunized in the next few days with the Pfizer dose, which has already been approved by the United Kingdom.

The thermometer, like the sun, has still not risen and José Antonio Villanueva is already out with his workmates on the border of Gibraltar, the British Overseas Territory in the south of the Iberian peninsula. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, chatting over the day’s first cup of coffee at 7am is the little that remains of Villanueva’s social life. The Spaniard works as a service technician at a seniors’ home in the Rock, as the territory is popularly known, and he is aware that letting his guard down could be fatal for the residents. Since he found out that he would be one of the first people to get vaccinated in Gibraltar (and also in Spain, where the first doses will be available later) he’s been eagerly awaiting the moment: “I will go to work more calmly.”

We are in contact with people who don’t go out. If they catch the coronavirus, it will be from someone from outside the center, and that is something that we have to be very aware of

Jose Antonio Villanueva, maintenance worker at senior residence in Gibraltar

Villanueva is part of the first group of care home workers and residents who will receive the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine developed by the US multinational Pfizer and German biotech company BioNTech, which was approved for distribution by the United Kingdom last week. The government of Gibraltar said last Wednesday that the British Overseas Territory will receive 35,000 doses – each person needs two doses to be immunized – which would begin to arrive “at the end” of the week. With these doses, the plan is to vaccinate people over the age of 80 as well as staff at Elderly Residential Services and the Care Agency, and subcontractors like Villanueva.

The Gibraltar government has not officially announced how many of its 33,718 residents will receive the first round of vaccines, but it is certain that some will go to the more than 9,200 Spaniards who cross the border to work in the Rock. “We are going to be vaccinated even before many Gibraltarians. But it is a wise policy,” says Antonio Sánchez, a Spanish cross-border worker at a center for minors, who will also be among the first to receive the vaccine.

Elderly Residential Services and the Care Agency directly employ 708 people, 273 of whom are Spanish, according to 2018 statistics from the Gibraltarian government, which do not include indirect employees or seniors of Spanish origin who are residents of the Rock. The Gibraltar administration has not explained exactly when the vaccination drive will begin, but sources from the government say this may not be revealed for “security” reasons.

Sánchez, however, knows that he will receive the vaccine. “I am one of the first. The subcontractor company that I work for has told us that it’s very likely that they will begin vaccinating us next week [the week starting December 7].” Like Villanueva, Sánchez is eager to get vaccinated. “I prefer to take the risk with a vaccine that may not be 100% effective in order to avoid as soon as possible the risk [of infection] and to be able to return to normal life,” he says. Sánchez cares for two minors with special needs at a center for children under state care and abused women. For him, acting responsibly has always been the priority. He explains: “I work with people who are more vulnerable, people who have to be protected. How are you going to explain the new [coronavirus] rules to a child with severe autism?”

We are going to be vaccinated even before many Gibraltarians

Please link for complete article.
(Covid-19 vaccine: The first Spaniards to get the coronavirus vaccine: cross-border workers in Gibraltar | Society | EL PAÍS in English)


Children Used As Lab Rats For The Rulers’ Experimental Shots


by NEILL McCRAE_____________________

The worldwide vaccine push has gone into overdrive. And now they are coming for our children. Parents in England are encouraged to enter their children into a clinical trial of a covid-19 vaccine. Three hundred children, aged from six upwards, will be recruited, of whom 240 will receive the experimental doses and 60 a comparator
meningitis vaccine.

The New Abnormal - One Year On


On the 19th March 2020, the UK government declared that covid-19 was no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease, subsequently downgrading it to the equivalent of a seasonal flu. The government then went on to declare that the country was in a pandemic and placed the country under a nationwide house arrest calling it ‘lockdown’ (a phrase only ever heard on TV prison dramas, where a prisoner is confined to their cell with only the most basic requirements allowed) which was initially for 3 weeks to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.One year later, and we are still living under the most draconian measures ever imposed on a supposedly free and democratic country. Freedom of speech is on a life support machine, critical thinking appears to be in an induced coma and real objective journalism in the mainstream media in this country is now dead. Never in our history have we experienced an elected government which has imposed such heavy-handed, authoritarian and completely disproportionate measures on our society for a disease that statistically has a 99.7% survival rate.

NHS Worker For The Truth

by SHELLY TASKER, EX NHS CARE WORKER _________________________

There is an urgency in our time which is making us do crazy things, crazy things in the name of truth. And when someone gives up something so dear to them, there has to be a reason behind it.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I worked within local hospitals, then I probably would have continued to believe the fear that was being pushed upon the world. But I had an insight and nothing measured up to what the public were being told.Within a couple of weeks, the hospitals were getting quieter and quieter. I was doing shifts with practically no patients. The wards were empty and staff were hanging around, waiting for the impact of this deadly virus.It didn’t arrive.