How Chinese soldiers helped Bolsheviks to hold on to power in Russia

“A Chinese [soldier] is tough, he is not afraid of anything. His brother may be killed in battle, but he will not bat an eye... If he understands that he faces an enemy, the enemy is not to be envied. A Chinese [soldier] will fight to the very last,” Soviet commander Iona Yakir wrote in his Memoirs of an Old Red Army Soldier.

More than 40,000 Chinese soldiers fought in the Russian Civil War on the side of the Red Army. What was it that prompted them to get involved in somebody else’s conflict on somebody else’s land?

Most of those who made up the Red Army’s Chinese contingent returned to their homeland. With a wealth of combat experience and additional specialized training, they went home to help Mao Zedong establish Soviet rule there and soon became the core of the Chinese Communist Party.

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The Chinese will join the Russians again to defeat The West.

The year that Jerusalem was liberated by British/Israel soldiers from Turkish/gentile domination was 1917 . This same year (day in prophetic coded language) 1917 saw the RED communist revolution in Russia and the beast (system) that rose out of the "bottomless pit " (Satanically inspired and controlled) make war against the Two Witnesses for 70 years, all over the planet and will , soon , also, exactly as prophesied , overcome and KILL the Two Witnesses - the [U.K.] and [U.S.A.].