Holding on spiritually amidst a den of vipers

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Dear @be1,

Thank-you for sharing "My Story". Heart-felt thoughts go out to you during this difficult time.

The reason the Citrus County ”judge”, Edward Spaight, denied your request is because the State of Florida does not recognize Common Law marriage; however, if you both resided in another State that does (legally) recognize Common Law marriage and applies in your case; that may be brought forward in support of (legally) recognizing your Common Law marriage.

In the meantime, would you provide a mailing address for direct donations to you, please?


With love,

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kind words.
We are grateful.
If anyone would like to make any donations, please do so directly to JAH, as He knows who needs what when, better than anybody.

God Bless​:pray:

JAH, JAH Publications, P. O. Box 561, The Way Home - PMB 205, Gibraltar, (Via London)


Dear @be1 ,
I hope this finds you well and having a good day.
Thank-you for sharing this good post about fighting evil in high places. With heart felt sympathy for the current situation you now find yourself in fighting this “Den of Viper Thieves” it should give some consolation just knowing our Dear Sweet Lord is by your side fighting for and with you, and that you’re on His side, the right side, is reassuring, spiritually strengthening and an earned right, if you will, to be given this fight, to show your worth and what you’re made of to Satan’s blind Nazi Banksters. Speaking from a place of experience; The Lord is your Protector, your Spiritual Guide, your High Tower, your Everything and much more. Rest in His warm Force of Love surrounding you knowing you’re His child. He is with you, so no matter what they may try next He will be there fighting, Lovingly assuring you “All is well.” Dauntless is He.

With sincere Love,
Exodus 14:14The "I AM" shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.


Dear @Persistent

Thank you for your powerful and encouraging and heart felt words.
I'm truly grateful.
Blessings to you on your journey, you are appreciated and loved.


@be1 ,

You are certainly welcome dear sister.

Grateful too Father and TM for you and your spiritual progress setting Godly examples.

Love to you too, and strength, and mostly patience to see this through.
Thank-you kindly, and you are too.

March on in JOY!

Deliverance. - March 30

Be calm, be true, be quiet. I watch over you. Rest in My Love. Joy in the very Beauty of Holiness. You are Mine. Deliverance is here for you, but thankfulness and Joy open the gates.

Be in all things very glad, very joyful, very thankful. It is not to quiet resignation I give My blessings, but to joyful acceptance and anticipation.

Laughter is the outward expression of joy. That is why I urge upon you love and laughter

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Thank you :purple_heart:

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You are very welcome.

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