There is little doubt that if there is ‘no deal’ over Gibraltar with the EU (“Gibexit”), Gibraltar will face hard times financially, not that we will be unscathed with a deal. That message has not come through clearly from anyone in last weeks budget debate. The budget includes no contingency for that possibility to be faced. Is there a plan? If there is, it is secret.

The GSLP Government, led by Fabian Picardo, has proceeded to announce a budget which assumes that all is merrily going forward on the same plain as up till now. That is not reality, but MPs on the opposing benches have let him get away with precisely doing that, and allowing themselves to be lambasted and destroyed in the process.

It may well be, however, the truth of the little or no choice facing Gibraltar right now. It’s a Gibexit deal or nothing, certainly no politician suggests a viable alternative that will maintain our standard of living.

The GSD under the leadership of Keith Azopardi has to step aside or replace him with an effective leader, if one can be found from amongst its MPs.


In the main the GSD is to blame for Mr. Picardo getting away with it, and in the process destroying the GSD in his budget reply. The GSD may have made all the points. It is impossible to tell, however.

Why? Because they all went on and on for hours with their speeches, stuck in detail and irrelevance. The GSD MPs (and those of the GSLP Government, it seems) like the sound of their own voices, ignoring that the public, who are the electors, do not listen to lengthy pronouncements. We all have a short concentration span. Length and complication only serve, and benefit, a government in power, not those who oppose it.

The message of those opposing the GSLP Government should have been short, sharp and to the point, not rambling replies. It should consist of a few specific points, with all opposing MPs arguing them repetitively, but in different words.

The message needs to be capable of being summarised into an easily understandable political bullet that all voters will understand. It needs to be sharp and a killer, like:

‘You spent, wasted, abused, and borrowed too much, now you announce no plan to get us out of this Gibexit mess’.

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