Are Damon Bossino and Keith Azopardi in the same party, the Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD)? Is the GSD a political party, or a grouping in conflict? Each of them seems to be giving out different messages to the voting public.

Mr Bossino professes distinct and clear policies, Mr. Azopardi is silent.

Mr. Bossino criticises the GSLP-Liberal Alliance Government. Mr. Azopardi’s reticence to do so is clear to be seen.

Mr. Bossino is to be applauded, Mr. Azopardi gives the electorate no reason to follow him, and so the GSD under his leadership.


Based on what Mr. Bossino said in his Party-Political Broadcast (PPB), which went out on GBC several days ago, a valid conclusion is that there is discord within the GSD. If that is not so, let Mr. Azopardi say so publicly and let him endorse, as GSD policy, the positions professed by Mr. Bossino.

Thereafter Mr. Azopardi should stand down as leader, admitting his palpable failure to lead the GSD with any policies of his own initiative. A disappointment in leadership that Mr. Bossino’s PPB highlights and effectively brings to the public forefront.

Continued at link.

Mr. Bossino's Party-Political Broadcast (PPB) can be viewed at the link.

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Robert Vasquez appears to also be a pro-jabber.

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