GSD reveals 20 names who've put themselves forward as candidates for the party executive

The GSD has revealed the names of the 20 people who have put themselves forward as candidates for the party executive. It has approved the voting process, and is inviting party members to cast their votes next week.

There are 20 candidates vying for eight spots in the 30-plus-strong GSD executive, with other places filled in an initial elected round in January.

Among those who have put their names forward for this round are Chairman of the Community Care Action Group, Joseph Capurro; Atrish Sanchez of the Special Needs Action Group; Chairman of Muslim Youth Gibraltar, Youseff El Hana; teacher, Robert Azopardi; university student, James Caruana; and dancer, Nathan Conroy.

GSD Leader, Keith Azopardi, says this is a "great and competitive field of candidates", of all ages and from different backgrounds - describing this as a mark of the "injection of new energy and dynamism in the GSD", as well as what he says is the growing desire for a new Government in Gibraltar. Mr Azopardi urges all party members to vote, as the executive will take important decisions in the run-up to the next general election.

This Saturday morning, party members will have the opportunity to meet the candidates, and they can cast their votes at GSD headquarters from Monday next week till noon on Thursday. Any members who can't attend are encouraged to get in contact with the party to make alternative arrangements.

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The GSD has announced that the following eight candidates have been elected onto its Executive in the second round of voting held this week:

Sean Ballester, Youssef El Hana, Atrish Sanchez, Giovanni Origo, Nathan Conroy, Allan Sene, Robert Azopardi and Bernadette Gracia.

They will now join the eight other members elected in the first round in January, MPs and other members on the Party Executive.

GSD Leader, Keith Azopardi said: “This has been a really competitive process with a record number of people coming forward to contest the remaining 8 elected slots. It was always going to be hard to choose just 8 candidates in such a strong field of people. I look forward to working with those elected onto the Executive and to the ongoing support of those who did not make it this time but who will have opportunities of participating in other ways within the GSD to contribute to our campaign for change. All of the candidates are valuable members of the GSD and it is a sign of the new energy and dynamism in the party that they and many others are willing to come forward and stand up and be counted. I am grateful to all those who participated in and the elections sub-committee that organised these internal elections.

“This is an exciting time for the GSD in our presentation of a strong, alternative to the current Government. The people who have been elected come from diverse backgrounds and have different specific interests that they bring to the table. They represent all sectors of our community. They will add enormously to the important discussions we will have in coming weeks and months. Together with so many other people joining the GSD project they represent the wider desire for change in this community that we are all working hard to achieve at the next election.”