Great Reset: Digital Citizenship Required To Use Internet

TN has warned about this Technocrat trend to demand digital identification (they call it “citizenship”) to use the Internet. It would destroy all privacy, offer total control over user behavior and provide a “no fly list” for anyone deemed to be a threat. ⁃ TN Editor

The World Economic Forum recently ran a Livestream with Interpol, Cloudflare, and a cybersecurity firm to discuss the upcoming cyber pandemic agenda, which many believe will be their next step to justify creating a Digital Citizenship to be able to even use the internet. Cloudflare’s COO who is advises on digital identity/citizenship for internet users. You want to associate everything you do on the Internet with a digital ID. Here is Cloudfare’s COO Michelle Zatlyn casually talking about 100% security which will be used to block anyone in this cancel culture that they disagree with.


I always thought this might happen some day

A New Internet is Coming [VIDEO]

A new version of the internet is currently under construction that is decentralized and based around blockchain technology.

Plans within plans – Next Generation EU

You will receive an eID – Are you with them they ask.