Government urges caution as pandemic evolves - Fair cancelled

Written by YGTV Team on 06 July 2021.

In view of the developing COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has decided to adopt a “cautious and prudent approach” towards open events which involve a large number of people in close proximity to each other. The Government says that the number of cases in Gibraltar is “starting to creep up slowly and we now have our first hospitalised patient in months.”

A statement continued: “It is also apparent that the dynamic of people who are becoming infected is different. This is happening in many parts of Europe including in the United Kingdom and in Spain. There are a number of reasons for this including the fact that many young people have not been vaccinated and that they are gathering in events that appeal to their age group. The vaccination of persons under 16 has not yet undergone the full process of approval in the United Kingdom, even though it is relevant to note that vaccines have already been approved for use in children aged 12 and over in the United States.

“The Government believes that it is important to act responsibly at this juncture in the pandemic in relation to certain events and additionally to keep others under close review. Therefore, following a discussion with the SDGG, it has been agreed, with considerable sadness, that the fair this year will not go ahead and neither will the Saturday Night Live event. These are both open events which appeal to a young unvaccinated cohort and which visitors from outside Gibraltar can also freely attend. The traditional National Day concert will be recorded and televised in the same way as last year.

“The Government has waited to establish the progress of the vaccination regime for persons between the age of 12 and 16 before coming to a final, painful decision on this matter.

“A distinction is being made for the moment between such larger activities and smaller, ticketed events, where entry is controlled and only those who have been vaccinated or who test negative on the day can attend. However, even this second category will be kept under ongoing review as the pandemic continues to progress.

“The advice to the Government is to act now or to face a continuing increase in the number of positive cases which, it has been estimated, could hit 70 active cases per week shortly. It is also important not to be oblivious to the impact of new variants like the Delta B which was originally identified in Nepal.

“It is obvious from the data coming in from all over Europe that the new Delta variant is spreading everywhere like wildfire. There are people who have had COVID-19 before who are becoming infected again, and this is happening even to those who have been double-vaccinated. It is also clear that vaccinated people are better protected against the virus and this can be seen in the low number of hospital admissions, only one in Gibraltar in the last few months, since the vaccines started to provide a shield which reduces the impact of COVID-19.

“The Government reminds those travelling abroad to take sensible precautions when they are outside Gibraltar. Travellers should also familiarise themselves with the law and with the rules at their point of destination as well as during their journey. Those flying to the United Kingdom should be aware of the changes that will take effect in England as from 19 July. It is important also to remember that different rules may apply in England to those in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

“There is a surge in the number of cases both in the United Kingdom and in Spain. Yesterday, Andalucia reported 2142 cases over two days, with Malaga alone accounting for about half of these. There are 1145 active cases in the province of Cadiz next door, with Algeciras reporting 87 active cases and La Linea 28. “There are 42 active cases in Tarifa which attracts young people from all over Europe to its watersports and beaches, 89 in Chiclana and 150 in Conil.

“Gibraltar remains a safe place by international standards, given our world-class testing programme and our effective vaccination regime. However, it is important to keep it that way and to err on the side of caution when it comes to staging large open public events.”

Is it not questionable that the variants of the flu or common cold only gets stronger and that THEY always need to keep up their fear antics? This was clearly expected after all the "variant" news in the media of late as THEY prepare to lock-down again in the coming months. Who gets a cold in July? Gibraltarians please ask yourself this.


Gibraltar politicians and the government-beast are marching to Satan's tune, as truthers have already exposed:

  1. They were always going to ramp up the propaganda via a casedemic and media coverage of a variant-scariant.

  2. And they are lying about this so-called Delta variant.

  3. They already told us they wanted to vaccinate the whole world and that children and the unvaccinated were going to be blamed.

  4. This is inspite of the fact the many people supposedly getting covid have been vaccinated. How's that (false) Hope working out?

  5. The media and government are covering up the massive amount of adverse reactions from being jabbed. The reports are continually updated.

  6. The Pfizer vaccine is full of the poison graphene oxide which has a completely different purpose far removed from any hope of "healthly population."

This list could go on.

The so-called leaders of Gibraltar are so bent.

This was a plandemic to cease power and keep it. That's the so-called new normal. This is coming out and people like Reiner Fuellmich are exposing it.

It's also Biblical Prophecy:

Matthew 24:21 For then shall be great oppression, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
Matthew 24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the Elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

What do people think this oppression looks like?

There is going to be one way out of this – Petition to the Gibraltar Parliament Demanding the Return to God’s Law


There are eleven new cases of COVID-19 in Gibraltar today: all are residents.

Nine are vaccinated, with two unvaccinated. The total number of active cases is currently 51, with 47 of these residents, and four visitors.

Six of the eleven new resident cases are close contacts of an existing active case.

One case remains in the COVID-19 Ward. There are 176 people in self-isolation.

Cancellation of All Large Events

Keith Azopardi
Asking bars & restaurants to “ensure all clients are vaccinated” is completely unrealistic. How is that even going to work? It’s also wrong -

Don’t unvaccinated have rights? & it’s inconsistent with Govt’s own policy of allowing #unvaccinated to Gibraltar.

GSD: Unvaccinated People Have Rights

The Never-Ending Lockdown and the World Under Siege


Franco would be proud of Picardo and today's Government of Gibraltar – Opening Gib Could Be A Plan For The Next Lockdown – Picardo would make Franco Proud


How long must we suffer O Lord? – Until you return to keeping and enforcing The Law

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Yeadon: Governments are Lying About The Variants – Yes, this means you too, Gibraltar.

Dr. Mike Yeadon (former Pfizer VP) 7-minute segment on The Highwire with Del Bigtree.

Variants are not different from the original "so-called" virus. The stories they are telling are lies.

"It's very frustrating for me as a scientist to hear, advisors and government ministers discussing with the media, and they're all hammering about the variants. I just feel like shouting at the screen – YOU'RE LYING, because I understand how this works. Theoretically and empirically it is not possible – There is no difference."

So what are you hammering on about Gibraltar?The advice to the Government is to act now or to face a continuing increase in the number of positive cases which, it has been estimated, could hit 70 active cases per week shortly. It is also important not to be oblivious to the impact of new variants like the Delta B which was originally identified in Nepal.

What people might be more oblivious about is GoG's involvement in something so sinister that you can't believe it's happening.

Hitler quote on removing rights

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Der Fuehrer Picardo - Mein Kampo de Gibraltar

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