Government purchase of AquaGib must improve future resilience

ONLY 33%
AquaGib is not a Government-owned company. Unlike GJBS or the Gibraltar Bus Company which are fully owned by the taxpayer, AquaGib is only 33% owned by the Government which puts the taxpayer in a minority of the shareholding. This means that in certain areas, and subject to the contract to supply water to consumers, the company has retained a considerable degree of operational independence which other companies in this nebulous public-private space do not enjoy.

It will be recalled that water supply was initially contracted out to the French company Lyonnaise des Eaux. This was part of the modernization of Gibraltar’s infrastructure through the involvement of international companies in the provision of utilities. That trend also saw the American firm Nynex of New York take over the domestic telephone service at a time when Cable and Wireless and then British Telecom did the same with international communications.


Makes you wonder who controls what is added to the drinking water for Gibraltarians?

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This article give a glimpse into who really controls the water.

Even most of "The good guys" are controlled opposition. It's THEY who have the say in what goes into your water, or where the water will be directed.

Water is Life – They are Stealing our Livelihood and We aren’t Even Noticing

Privatization of freshwater resources is a crime, but it’s the name of the game. Just look who is prominently represented in the World Bank-created Water Resources Group – it’s IFC, the International Finance Corporation, the private sector development branch of the World Bank Group...

The WWF (World Water Forum) is organized by the World Water Council, just another layer to confuse who is who in the circus of water elitists attempting to control a vital source of life – freshwater. The WWF prides itself with an honorable mission statement: “To promote awareness, build political commitment and trigger action on critical water issues at all levels, to facilitate the efficient conservation, protection, development, planning, management and use of water in all its dimensions on an environmentally sustainable basis for the benefit of all life”.

There you have it. Nestlé, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Dow Chemicals and other transnationals with strong water interests, Veolia, Suez (French), Thames (UK), Bechtel (US), Petrobras and a myriad of others, join together with the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), different UN bodies, and many multi- and bilateral donors, so-called development institutions – as well as dozens more ultra-liberal organizations, NGOs and corporations, pretending to work for the good of humanity; for the good of hundreds of millions of people who persistently are deprived of affordable potable water by an onslaught of water privatization (Organizers and supporters of the WWF: Organizers and supporters | World Water Forum 8).

Another layer of this prominent international water forum is the World Bank-created Water Resources Group (WRG). Its chief purpose is to pursue the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG-6), “Clean Water and Sanitation”. The WRG’s leadership is composed of an interwoven group of individuals and institutions, such as the head of the WEF, leadership of Nestlé, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Dow Chemicals, the UN (UNDP) … and the Global Water Partnership (GWP), yet another layer within the maze of the global water mafia, created by the usual ‘suspects’, World Bank, UN (UNDP), and a number of multi- and bilateral development agencies, whose priority focus is on water, i.e. the Swiss, the Swedes, the Dutch…

By and large, the WWF is the sum of this tremendous non-transparent, complex colossus of institutions and technocrats that is gradually taking over control of the global freshwater resources. This is happening under our eyes and under a seemingly anodyne promotion logo – PPP = Public Private Partnership...

[ A fire and subsequent damage to a water pipe in a tunnel caused by falling rocks, and now subject to a police investigation, has plunged Gibraltar into chaos. It is obvious that the Government and AquaGib both acted quickly to mitigate the situation and restore supply but where do we go from here?]

Ordo Ab Chao. / Order out of Chaos. A motto of the Thirty-third Degree, (Freemasonry).