Government is Still Determined to Kill Us

As featured on Henry Makow

Today, the only people getting “covid” & dying from it are the Jabbed!! It’s indisputable. The Jew media censors all Truth on “covid” & its mRNA non-vaccine. Some people, no matter the tonnage of counter evidence to their beliefs, remain in denial. Those small minds will soon be gone. Only the rebels will survive.

What dominant US dark forces and their MSM press agents call a public health emergency doesn’t exist — not now or at any time since seasonal flu was renamed covid with diabolical aims in mind.

Since the scheme was rolled out in late 2019, the public has been consistently lied to and mass deceived to unwittingly self-inflict harm.

MAKE THIS GO VIRAL: ACIP committee will likely add the COVID vaccines to the childhood vaccination program on Thursday

The scam here is as devious as it is deadly: all it would require for BigPharma to have permanent liability protection for their slow kill bioweapon C19 injections is to have said poisons added to the childhood vaccine schedule; to wit:

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